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Saturday 14 March 2020

Katie Hopkins Death Wish

While many out there have decided against travelling right now, there are some souls who combine hardiness and foolhardiness in sufficient measures as to not care, whether there is a nasty virus out there or not. And one of those who does not care is pro-am motormouth Katie Hopkins, who has decided to jet off to the USA, where she is blaming the spread of the Coronavirus on anyone but her hero, Combover Crybaby Donald Trump.
Viewers may still want to look away now
No Richard Nixon arsehole transplant jokes, please

So it was that early doors on Thursday she was telling her followers “Very much looking forward to taking my flight to USA this morning. Schengen countries just became 2nd tier … (My thanks to the 17.4 million Brexit supporting Brits, [UKIP] supporters and regional campaigners for Brexit that made this possible) … The special relationship is on”. Because viruses totally respect borders laid down by Trump’s travel ban, of course.
Why, then, was Hatey Katie going to the States, not that many in the UK would have a problem with her being somewhere else - anywhere else? It seems she is on a speaking tour: someone is prepared to pay to hear her rant, which is an interesting proposition, given that she does it on Twitter all day, every day without charge. So how was the flight?
Landed into JFK. Huge contrast between [Coronavirus] in UK v USA … Here panic is being whipped up by networks determined to attack Trump … Mayors of California & NYC appear to be going all out to maximise the damage to economy - cancelling everything … Job loss tally being pushed”. There is no Mayor of California. And UK sporting events and other gatherings are also being cancelled. Also, Trump has lost the plot.
Then it happened. Ms Hopkins decided that Covid-19 was something her followers should catch, maybe for fun. “Will you all stop flapping your gums? Generation selfish have been raised to think ONLY of themselves. [Coronavirus] is a team sport … Get it. Get immunity. Feel better. The herd triumphs … Do not fear death. Everyone has an end. It’s just the timing that is uncertain”. You go first, dearie. We’ll sit this one out and watch.
This was a moment of significant stupidity, but worse was to come. “Breaking news for the youth … As mums, we had chickenpox parties for young kids. So that one toddler with chickenpox might give it to others in order to build their immunity and get it over with … Trust in your strength”. My Mum fucking well didn’t. And thank goodness she didn’t.
And she wasn’t finished on the subject of catching something nasty. “Respectfully, I don’t have a problem with getting [Coronavirus] … The media is enjoying your fear. I have none”. That might depend on whether the person contracting the virus has a pre-existing condition, like, oh I dunno, wilful racist bigotry combined with congenital stupidity.
Could it get worse? For Hatey Katie, it certainly could. “Positives about [Corona Outbreak] … 1) Climate weirdos have shut up [no you haven’t] … 2) Meghan Markle gurning in badly fitting outfits is not news [jealous as well as racist, much?] … 3) People are learning how to sneeze respectfully [as if that affects virus transmission] … Keep calm and carry on my loves”. Fingers crossed Trump extends his travel ban to the UK while she’s still there.

Once Ms Hopkins has spent a fortnight confined to bed and honking up her guts, maybe the penny will drop. Bigotry and stupidity are never far away when she’s around.
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Arnold said...

"I don’t have a problem with getting Coronavirus"
I never thought I'd agree with Hatey Katie, but I don't have a problem with her getting it either.

Simon said...

What makes her think that this was made possible by Brexit voters? The ban covers the Schengen Area so the sovereign EU member state of Ireland wasn't affected. Anyone would think she doesn't know what she's talking about.

Anonymous said...

Well, so much for her crowing... from the BBC:

US travel ban 'to be extended to the UK and Ireland'
The ban on travel to the US from many European countries is to be extended to the UK and Ireland following the rise in coronavirus cases there, President Trump appeared to confirm.

He said the measure was "going to be announced".

Anonymous said...

"California doesn't have a mayor"

'Opkins fact-check fail Again!

I laughed at that!

So she believes that hanging out with kids who have the pox is better for other kids.

Just like she believes hanging out with the likes of the EDL and believing passing on their wisdom makes people intelligent...