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Wednesday 18 March 2020

Laura Perrins IS The Prisoner

The Coronavirus crisis has already been superb at exposing the limitations of our elected Government, our free and fearless press, and a vast array of variously deficient pundits. Now the virus has moved on to expose some on the right-wing fringe as no more than wibbling nonentities, something that many of those in the real world already knew.
Laura Perrins

This brings us to the Conservative Woman group blog, which would have long ago faded into irrelevance, had it not been for its regular promotion in the “Seen Elsewhere” list provided by the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog.
Here, despite her claim not to be a libertarian, co-founder Laura Perrins is doing a mightily impressive impression of one, and not in a good way, telling anyone who was listening this morning “I’d rather die as a freeborn citizen doing the things that freeborn citizens do, than cower like a dog in a kennel because the Government has ordered me to do so. I won’t do it”. She is not a number, she is a free woman! Er, do go on, Number Six.
If anyone dares object to the country being put in lockdown, stopping educating the next generation and blowing up the economy, then as usual you will be accused of ‘wanting people to die’”. Covid-19, Laura. Potentially deadly. “This is the argument the Left always use when they want to snatch your hard-earned freedoms and expand the State - if you don’t go along with what they want then you are ‘letting people die’”. Aarghh! JIBBER!
There was more. “The coronavirus is just that: a virus. It is not a war. Maybe it will kill a lot of people and we must do what we can to mitigate this within the limits that we have available but without surrendering hard-earned liberties to the State”. Afraid it is a war, Laura. And it’s a war that your mentality would have us lose. Have another go.
Meet the ‘whatever it takers’ - giving our liberty away and surrendering to every single Leftist wish list in about three weeks flat”. Aarghh! LEFTISTS! Which means what, exactly? “Within a month we will probably have a universal basic income, a nationalised economy and curfews. You read it here first. I warned you. Barely a single conservative raised a single objection. We did”. The Government will look after its citizens? That’s a problem?
Otto English suggested her actions were not totally responsible. “Stop trying to misrepresent me. If I show symptoms I'll isolate. Obviously. What I will not do is give away all my liberties because of a flu and the government and people like you demand it”. It’s not “a flu”, and you can have it for five days (and pass it on) without having symptoms.
Rupert Myers suggested this could be a poor use of NHS resources. “Hi Rupert, it's been a while since that whole [Me Too] thing. Don’t … misrepresent me. If I have symptoms I'll isolate. I am trying to point out the government should not be given a blank cheque to take our liberties”. See above on symptoms. And she still wasn’t putting others at risk.
No I am not putting other people's lives at risk. I am law-abiding citizen who has a right to ask questions of our government. That last time I checked it was a free country”. Perhaps someone should tell her The Prisoner was a TV series. And that it was not real.

Plus you don’t need to self-isolate for delusions of relevance. I’ll just leave that one there.
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The Fall and Fall of Laura Perrins said...

Private healthcare companies are getting paid £2.4million a day for loan of beds so, surely that's something for Perrins to feel pleased about.
Matt Hancock could have used emergency powers to requisition the beds just like Spain has done, but he knows who keeps the Tory coffers full.

grim northerner said...


Anonymous said...

Perrins is a demented far right tory gammon. Her party is full of them.

RodJ said...

Go away, Brendan, we can see your hand through the hole in your grim northern sock.

Arnold said...

It must be a war. Why else are gammon harping on about Blitz Spirit?

grim northerner said...


grim northerner said...

'blitz spirit' is just an example of a mythological national exceptionalism, every tribe and nation has these narratives,we are all special.

grim northerner said...