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Wednesday 25 March 2020

Charles Has Got It - So Could You

For so many people out there, the Coronavirus pandemic has been something that they can’t get their heads round, because it isn’t happening to them. Hence the resentment at pubs being closed and restrictions placed on movements. And hence the litany of claims that there should be no fuss because flu kills thousands every winter, thousands die of cancer, and many were going to die anyway. Then the heir to the throne got it.
One has been feeling positively ghastly

As the BBC has reported, “The Prince of Wales has tested positive for coronavirus, Clarence House has confirmed. Prince Charles, 71, is displaying mild symptoms ‘but otherwise remains in good health’, a spokesman said. The Duchess of Cornwall, 72, has also been tested but does not have the virus … Clarence House said Charles and Camilla were now self-isolating at Balmoral”. And there was more.
An official statement read: ‘In accordance with government and medical advice, the prince and the duchess are now self-isolating at home in Scotland … The tests were carried out by the NHS in Aberdeenshire, where they met the criteria required for testing … It is not possible to ascertain from whom the prince caught the virus owing to the high number of engagements he carried out in his public role during recent weeks.’
You never know, unless you cut down the amount of contact you make, who might have the virus, and so if you contract it, have no idea where you got it. Maybe the ranks of the sceptical Gammonati will now understand that it is not just about people somewhere else.
There was, as one might expect, more than a little media scepticism about the response to this news, with Janine Gibson of the FT musing “We now interrupt all our other coronavirus coverage because the heir to the throne has it”. But, as Barbara Malmet pointed out, “It doesn’t matter to #coronavirus if you are a prince or a pauper. Prince Charles has it”.
There were the inevitable memes, one being the inevitable attempts by our free and fearless press to get an angle on the story that blames someone they don’t like. So we also got “Prince Charles gets the virus - Journalist racing to see who can blame it on Meghan Markle first” and “*Prince Charles gets corona virus* … Journalists tryna figure out a way to blame Meghan Markle”. And then came the “What about me me me?
Which inevitably leads us to self-promoting TalkRADIO host Julia Hartley Dooda, speaking mainly for Herself Personally Now. “Question: most of my family (including 2 in their 70s) have had more than mild symptoms of coronavirus. We haven’t been offered tests. Why is it one rule for a royal prince and one rule for the rest of us? Prince Charles’s health is not more important than anyone else’s”. But there is someone more important than even her.
James Felton hinted who that might be. “It would be nice if the people working in the NHS coming into contact with hundreds of people could get tested as easily as a man who has an actual palace to self-isolate in (Obviously I also hope Prince Charles recovers quickly also).” To which Rachael Cousins added “Prince Charles had mild #COVID19 symptoms by all accounts. Really glad he got tested so quickly. Tens of thousands of NHS staff are literally putting their lives on the line, 24 hours a day, for people like us. Why aren’t they being tested as quickly as the Prince of Wales?” Well, quite.

Now Royalty has got it, let’s take it seriously. Including testing for NHS personnel.
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Anonymous said...

According to standard far right tory thief-jargon there are "winners" and "losers".

So now Charlie von Windsor is a "loser".

Tough luck, Charlie.

Anonymous said...

That virus micro image resembles a quantity of something you'd see at a rave.
Swallowed with water.

Now, this referendum Brexit thing.

Those who have played a part in forcing the illegal activities to make it happen - off to jail soon! Are they freeing up prison places because of a virus?

LOL Hook, Line and sinker.

This will go down in history as the most disgraceful of political scandals.

Not so clever. Are they?

The Toffee (597) said...

'Mild symptoms'

Because there's one 'over 70' they'll pull all the stops out for.

Claiming an income (on a par with the riches of Croesus) from the state for doing fuck-all is fine & dandy. Qualifies you for preferential testing, with top-of-the-range (state-provided but carried out by exclusively private, for-profit practitioners) healthcare.

Whereas claiming pension credit after a life of hard graft's a game of Russian roulette that'll at best offer you the chance to die in a tent with the bare minimum of treatment...

Anonymous said...

Thames House doesn't seem to be worried about the impact on the nation.
Mind you, it could be their operation.S omebody telling them to do their job... they had no choice...

Karma innit!

Nothing makes me happier than having to watch certain public service personnel being shafted over their pay. Lets hope they keep them stressed out on the phones and fucking laugh at them when they send them round in circles filling out paperwork! The cunts deserve it after the way they have treated some of us.

They all sat back whilst others suffered immensely along with the royal family who has suffered.

Still lots of people to go after.

No empathy or sympathy from here.

LiamKav said...

Wait, are you really saying that the early release of prisoners isn't because of Covid-19 but is actually because the government is going to arrest those people who broke the law to make Brexit happen? Huh?

Arnold said...

Don't read this if you have a weak stomach.
"ROBERT HARDMAN: Prince Charles didn't flinch when he was shot at in 1994 – this virus won't trouble him either"


The last tme I saw something crawling like that, it left a slime trail. If that doesn't get him a knighthood, nothing will.

Anonymous said...


No. I am saying I will do my best to make sure it happens.

I have the upper hand here because of being privy.

The last thing Thames House wants is to be in court with me and one other (in the know) saying, you are the fucking problem.

Hence the reason they have to do what is right.

Let me know if you have any more questions...