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Sunday 22 March 2020

Covid-19 Lockdown NOW INEVITABLE

Exhortations to stay at home and cease social gatherings, including family visits, are falling on deaf ears. Non-food stores are not only still open; they are seeing the usual Sunday level of shoppers, and those who are just browsing as a way of getting them and their families out of the house for half a day. The uncertainty of the self-employed means that market traders are still setting out their stalls all over the UK.
Decisions, decisions
What this means has been spelt out for us time and again, yet there is, as usual, precious little leadership from alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, just more of those same exhortations. He even had to have two goes at getting his advice for Mothers Day (don’t visit in person) right. Meanwhile, the warnings come thick and fast.
Bozo is reluctant to lockdown. He apparently only moved to close pubs after Président Macron leaned on him, or face the border being closed. Why has been spelt out by Inigo Martincorena of Cambridge’s Sanger Institute: “The trend continues unabated. The UK epidemic is growing at the same rate as Italy’s 14-15 days ago, doubling in size every 2.9 days. We need a UK lockdown by tomorrow just to be as badly hit as Italy is now”.
The trend is that in Covid-19 related deaths, which in Italy are now into the multiple thousands each day. From the Imperial School of Public Health, Prof Helen Ward has urged action. “LOCKDOWN now. Massive testing, isolate all cases and contacts. Stay inside, support the vulnerable”. Francesca Ciccarelli of KCL added “no adequate measures in place … usual amount of people walking in Camden on a typical Sunday afternoon”.
It was no better at major supermarkets, as Alessandro Aurigi noted. “Dear [Tesco], this was the situation this morning at the special NHS opening at your Lee Mill shop (Ivybridge) … 40 mins in a queue. The whole store was carnage … a nice idea gone wrong. So many doctors and nurses all squeezed together when they should be safeguarded”.
It was different across the Channel. Laura Parker told that “At our local, north Italy town, supermarket staff let 3/4 ppl in at a time, those outside Q a safe distance from one another. No panic, shelves well stocked, nobody buying more than they need”. John Clarke was shopping in Belgium: “no shortages, staff in masks cleaning the trolleys and shelves, rules on 2m distance, tills disinfected and customers being very considerate”.
But it wasn’t the case in London, as BBC Brexitcast creator Dino Sofos found to his horror. “Columbia Road flower market, East London” was rammed with punters. The crowds would have been driven by that lack of certainty for the self-employed. Small wonder that Match of the Day lead presenter Gary Lineker mused “Can’t help feeling we should have been officially locked down by now. So many ignoring/misunderstanding government advice. We’re sleepwalking into a nightmare”. Action needs to be taken. It hasn’t been.
Exactly what needs to happen, and what is going to come further down the line whether we like it or not, has been spelt out by Neil Wilby, who is in Spain. “This is what crisis leadership looks like ~ Almost total lockdown (day 9) here in Spain is highly inconvenient, but absolutely necessary”. PM Pedro Sánchez has warned things will get worse first.

Sánchez also said “I am the prime minister and I assume all responsibility”. If only our own Prime Minister would show the same leadership. The buck, after all, stops with him.
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Anonymous said...

Oh, I see. This must be because many of the people employed to work around deliveries are well above the age of concern (old people still working?)

Maybe just one reason for the government to go back to the drawing board on retirement ages?
Age concern remain quiet? As do many charities who never step on the toes of those who help to fund them?

We can't call you an opportunistic cunt - just in case you are. Sorry, PC rules!

As for a lockdown...

Let us know when there is a cock down!

Start helping the British empire that is no longer allowed to strike back because of Boris the New Yorker twat.

Next... the Goldsmiths, a shit Irish singer, Brexit and Rupert.

FLaming heck!

AndyC said...

I wonder if a lock-down would be accompanied by an end to the spectacularly inappropriate TV commercials still running for such things as cruises and holidays? If I see Rob bloody Bryden rhapsodising about his ship-borne holiday one more time, for example, I swear it's boot-thru-the-screen time.

Caesar said...

We do not have the ability or capacity to enforce a lockdown. It's all very well screaming for one but unless there's a real idea of how a cut to the bone police force are going to enforce 65 million people staying in their homes, it's not going to happen. They might be able to break up large groups if they see them but the people really hold the cards here.

Anonymous said...

Here cometh Caeser.
Amongst the pottery and flint tools.

The roads look mighty fine these days. Dontcha think?

Police were not asked to police. Likely a very good reason.