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Tuesday 24 March 2020

Tim Martin - Still A Selfish Bastard

We had already seen the grotesque spectacle of Wetherspoon boss Tim Martin demanding that his pubs remain open during the Coronavirus crisis, in addition to their issuing precisely zero protective equipment to staff, those people who he has steadfastly refused to pay a living wage. His campaign was so successful that closure of all pubs was ordered more or less the same day. So now his staff have no money coming in.
That is despite Government committing to pay around 80% of wage bills. Why should that be? Well, Martin has issued a video in which he rambles on about how there is no money coming in through the tills, which does not answer the question, but it does use up plenty of time and allow him to feel sorry for himself. He concedes that Government will pay 80% of wages, but appears to excuse himself by saying they haven’t paid up yet.

The Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union (BFAWU), which represents many of those unfortunate enough to work in Spoons pubs, has shown its dissatisfaction at Martin’s behaviour by apparently adding its logo to a #SpoonStrike letter released yesterday.

Under the heading “NO PAYOUT FROM WETHERSPOONS”, the letter tells “After waiting for word for three days from our head office, today we were informed that the company would pay us only for the hours we have worked up to the 22nd March … From that point on we will not receive any payment from JDW until they receive the Government grant, which could be until the end of April”. There was more.
Whilst other companies such as Costa have promised their staff 8 weeks fully paid, Wetherspoons have left over 40,000 people without their next pay date. With no means of paying for rent, bills or food, and no warning … Employees have been stripped of bonuses they had already achieved, and with no confirmation as to how the 80% of pay from the Government will be calculated”. And then comes the real jaw-dropping line.

Rather, in a video circulated to all staff from the company CEO, Tim Martin encouraged his staff to apply for Tesco’s”. They do not jest: Martin can be seen complaining that Spoons’ business has “all gone to the supermarkets”, adding that Tesco is taking on another 20,000 staff, and telling his own workers that if they want to go and work for the supermarket chain, he will understand. But he doesn’t explain the potential pitfalls.
If workers do go and take up jobs with someone else, will Spoons use that as an excuse to - for instance - continue to withhold bonuses? Will they still pay that 80% of wages when the Government pays up? The conclusion of the #SpoonStrike letter left observers in no doubt as to just how far Martin’s workers are prepared to trust him.

It is clear that Wetherspoons hold no regard for the financial and mental wellbeing of their employees”. Yes, that how far they trust the SOB - not even as far as they could chuck him. They have demanded full pay. But as Martin’s so tight, they won’t get it.

Maybe one unintended consequence of the Covid-19 outbreak is that Tim Martin gets to take a nice long rest. As in not returning to his role at Spoons afterwards.
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Sam said...

We live in interesting times. I recall just a few months ago so many pundits screeching like a Chorus Line "where will the money come from ?" as Jeremy Corybn & UK Labour presented their,in retrospect,quite reasonable policies. But not a word from the media about how Boris will pay for his generous mooted money free-for-all to counteract the possible deadly affects of the (Chinese) virus. Are we also witnessing a monumental shift in British politics?. (oh yes- F*ck that Marin character. Somehow he examples everything ugly about today's Britain.)

Arnold said...

He's getting some stiff competition from Mike Ashley, Sports Direct.

Anonymous said...

Jesus wept.

Martin is obviously an "entrepreneur" and "creator of wealth".

For himself.

notimetom said...

If anyone had ever eaten at the w/spoons in Llandudno, they like me would never enter a w/spoons again. what a disgusting filthy place. I won't go down the road of trying to rate the food, except to say yuk.

Anonymous said...

Another good reason to boycott his shitty pubs, although I doubt it'll stop corpulent Breixters looking to get pissed cheaply.

joey said...

Shame I like a wetherspoon when out and about but I also have a memory which will come into affect when all this palaver is over,so along with virgin sports direct and the shop round the corner they will miss me.