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Monday 30 April 2018

Sajid Javid - SCARY MUSLIM!

Replacing the unfortunate Amber Rudd as Home Secretary is Bromsgrove MP Sajid Javid. Astute politics watchers have already picked up that he, like London Mayor Sadiq Khan, is the son of a bus driver, and of Pakistani heritage. Javid has already enjoyed a stellar business career, and is easily qualified to do the job he now assumes. But his appointment has not gone down well with those out there on the far right.
Sajid Javid

Although Javid has stressed that he does not practice any religion, and indeed has said that “we should recognise that Christianity is the religion of our country”, this has not been enough to silence those in the Wall Of Gammon (tm) who believe the Scary Muslims (tm) are out to get us, and that Javid is really one of their number.
Some Tweeters looked forward to the outrage, with “As a Muslim I don't want to be associated with Sajid Javid, however I do look forward to racists getting their knickers in a twist over it” and “The one good thing about Sajid Javid becoming Home Secretary is that the gammon brigade will all be having aneurisms at another high profile Muslim” typical.
Then came the paranoia. “Sajid Javid to be new home secretary after Rudd resigns. So kicked out because of a ethnic problem and ethnic took her place . This was planned. And one thing a Muslim this was very planned … Who is Sajid Javid, the new Home Secretary? - Watch how many more Muslim immigrants arrive in the next few years!!
There was more. “Sajid Javid First one on the phone to congratulate him? Probably Sadiq  Khan. ‘Welcome to the Muslim brotherhood , we are getting there my friend’ … So Sajid Javid, of Muslim heritage, is about to be given the role of home secretary . . . I tell you what, why don't all white MP's stand down from parliament and hand the reins over to an entire Muslim parliament ? It's where we're heading so why delay it”.
True Britons had to wake up! “Congratulations Mrs May on your new Home Secretary, muslim Sajid Javid. If there was a big red alarm button I’d be pressing it right now. Wake up Brits … Is new Remoaner Home Secretary Sajid Javid a fake Muslim (Kuffār) or a Quran-observing devout Muslim who despises non-Muslims, thinks gays and apostates should be killed and shoves his arse in his imaginary friend Allah's face 5 times a [day]?
And there was time for a little dishonesty: “Does TM realise that sajid Javid will be under additional scrutiny where home office policy on numbers of Muslims coming into the country. Mayor of London already appeases this, we don’t want Home sec to be the same!” Then back to the paranoia: “Any Muslim Brotherhood Links? Could Sajid Javid be Britain's first Asian Prime Minister?” What’s with the Muslim Brotherhood? Whatever.
Who knows, and, indeed, who cares? Meanwhile, there was added ignorance on show: “Is Sajid Javid a #Muslim? If so, is he devout 100%?? or - is he a Kafir [he can only be ‘in’ or ‘out’ - or death by Islam]. We accept Muslims in ‘power’ at our peril and time will tell. No I’m not racist, I’m anti Islamist”. Yeah, right. Wrong kind of Muslims, eh? Any more stupidity out there? “WORDS THAT SHOULD NEVER BE TOGETHER:- Sadiq Kan [sic] + Mayor of London … Sajid [sic] Javid + Home Secretary … Diane Abbott + Shadow Home Secretary … Muslim + member of parliament”. No, not racist all all, honestly.
Behold the full paranoia of the Wall Of Gammon (tm). Must be sad being so full of hatred.


Anonymous said...

Good grief.

Our very own version of Deutschland Erwacht!

Coming soon......our version of Arbeit macht frei.

Stay tuned, Nazi lovers.

Stephen said...

That "You can't be racist against Muslims because it's just a religion isn't it?" ploy is looking shakier by the minute (not that it was ever that steady).

Anonymous said...

Nor would I get excited in the least about the appointment of Javid. Quite the opposite in fact.

Javid's the minister who in effect privatised one of the remaining outposts of social housing......housing associations. He also voted against making private landlords liable for ensuring "their" properties were suitable for human habitation. He's also a private landlord.

So......a typical through-and-through tory spiv and former Deutsche Bank bureaucrat.

Count the number of times he uses the phrase "illegal immigrants" in his public utterances. An utter, utter gobshite.

Anonymous said...

Successful business career? Including the CDOs that lead to 2008? Then there's the unpaid tax, and the legal action against Deutsch.

As he is a big Ayn Rand fan, I'm sure the Right will just love him.

Ferdy Fox said...

Sajid Javid may have had a brilliant career in banking but he's just another career politician and party yes-man. All he does is repeat mindless Maybot quotes and pose for photographs with the standard inane grin. Should feel right at home there then!
I've yet to hear anything original from him although I've heard the bus-driver bit several times now.
As he's my local MP, I've seen what he's achieved for his constituency and to date it's three parts of bugger all.
Maybe he'll grow with the job, maybe not.

danny said...

Well now we know Tories do not drop their vicious Islamophobia when one of their own is a Muslim.

Anonymous said...

He's a nice man. With an honest face.

The trouble is, he's a Tory.

I'll be voting Labour this year.

I'm due to be interviewed on breakfast TV today. Or is it tomorrow ?

Don't forget. Vote Labour.

D Abbott said...

I like him. He has an honest face.

The trouble is, he's a Tory.

I will be voting Labour this year.

Look out for me on breakfast TV today. Or is it tomorrow ?

Anyway, don't forget to vote Labour.

Anonymous said...

The term "Islamophobia" is a WEAZEL WORD deliberately designed to shut down legitimate criticism of a supremacist, totalitarian ideology by conflating that legitimate criticism with racism. Anyone who uses that egregious term should be looked on with suspicion. And far from "Islamo-faux-bia" being a thing, ISLAMOPHILIA is the prevailing trend.

Anonymous said...

I imagined DM readers to be in a state of confusion this morning. 'Yes, he's a Tory but....a muzzie. What's the world coming to?'. Wrong. Take a look at the top comments. If you needed proof that the DM attracts racist bigots like flies to shit, here it is.

Jonathan said...

From my home town of Rochdale, bores his wife to sleep with Ayn Rand's bizzare writings.

Thankfully we in Rochdale are free of the toxic ex banker and solidly behind Jeremy Corbyn.

nparker said...

Anonymous 18:37
Keep your fevered insane rantings to yourself. Everyone looks on racists such as you with suspicion, and it will not turn the other way no matter how much screaming and crying you do.

And you can't even spell 'weasel' correctly when you have it in capitals. I don't think anyone will be calling on you for advice.

SteveB said...

It could get even funnier. The nut jobs discussing/suggesting/making threats against him have probably overlooked that fact that he is now the Minister for MI5 - so if they weren't being monitored before they soon will be:) I look forward to SYL turning up at the doors of Thames House with his cameras.....

Maureen Chaloner said...

Look. Funny isn't it. The minute he's appointed Home Secretary Britain First leaders are jailed followed by Tommy Robinson. Both critics of Islam and all 3 jailed on ridiculous made up charges. Javid may not be a practising Muslim but if so, surely, he's an apostate, despised by Muslims? He would a have
Fatwa against him surely? So WHY hasn't he? Something doesn't add up. Call me a sceptic but it is highly suspicious.