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Thursday 5 April 2018

Knife Crime - A Racist Liar Speaks

After a recent spate of deaths in London, some through shootings but most as a result of knife attacks, our free and fearless press has decided to score a few more sales by telling the world from the comfort of their metropolitan cocoons that they know more about the subject than anyone else. At the Murdoch Sun, this means employing the nearest available racist bigot to talk well, but lie badly, and blame people who are not white.
Ish alright Offisher, I only had one ... er, bottle

Bringing knowledge of criminality to bear on the subject - after all, he’s got a real criminal record - is professional slob and amateur human being Rod Liddle, who knows that the culprit is Sadiq Khan. The headline tells you all you need to know: “So being deemed a racist is worse than kids dying is it, Mayor Khan? … How will London Mayor Sadiq Khan make the capital the safest city on earth by clamping down on stop and search?

Photo captions reinforce the message. “London Mayor Sadiq Khan wants to clamp down on 'racist' stop and search” … “British bobbies patrolling the not-so-safe streets of London” … Can we really afford to abandon stop and search in London?”. Did Khan propose abandoning stop and search? No he didn’t, but that’s not what Liddle wants us to think.

What he wants is to lie. And lie blatantly and repeatedly. Take “We have already overtaken the murder rate in New York. And now we’re catching up on Detroit”. The reality? Over to the BBC Reality Check: “A selective use of statistics from the start of 2018 appears to bear this out - but the reality is that New York still appears to be more violent than London”.

Never mind, though, Liddle wants to tell us of “vicious drug turf wars spilling across the city … An epidemic of violence and murder in our capital” before launching into a tirade of abuse. “What about the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan? He has said he’s ‘very concerned’ about it all. Terrific … How about you do something about it, you vacuous dwarf?

Then come the lies. Khan “wanted to clamp down on stop and searches by the Old Bill because they were racist”. The reality? He actually saidOveruse of stop and search can have a dramatic effect on communities. It undermines public confidence in our police if Londoners are being stopped and searched for no good reason”.

Liddle again: “The police say this violence has escalated because they are no longer allowed to stop and search individuals when they think a crime might be about to be committed”. A complete and total pack of lies. But do go on.

Khan was virtue signalling when he clamped down on the police. And it is leading to death after death”. Reality? Knife crime strategy for London from June last year tells “We support the targeted, intelligence-led use of stop and search in the fight against rising levels of knife crime in London. Stop and search is a vital tool for our police, and it can save lives”.

But Liddle, having baited, now switches - to Muslim bashing. “It’s the same kind of problem which stopped us getting to grips with the horrific sexual abuse by groups of largely Muslim men in scores of northern towns and cities, especially Rotherham … Authorities more bothered about being seen as right-on than in protecting the victims”. Yeah, right. South Yorkshire Police had many failings, but “right-on”? Get out of here.
And to trowel on the Islamophobia, Liddle then tells readers that he had questions for Sadiq Khan (did he ask the Mayor for an interview? As if. That would have meant sobering up for half a day), like “Have we perhaps let too many in without integrating them properly? Told them, in schools, that their cultures are equally valid to our own, British culture?

Have we let too many in?” Too many what? And what’s with the “valid culture” line? What’s this “them” and “us”? But we know the answer to those questions. Because Liddle lets it slip when he ends his mockery of Sadiq Khan “Or just sit on your backside telling everyone you’re 'concerned' while London rapidly morphs into Mogadishu”.

It’s not about concern for young lives being cut short. Rod Liddle couldn’t give a flying foxtrot about that, as long as it doesn’t impinge on his well-remunerated comfort. It’s about bashing Labour politicians and Muslims to order, and lying as necessary.

Plus frightening the readers, especially those who live in London, into thinking that the capital has “become a war zone”. Which, the Sun wants readers to think, Sadiq Khan doesn’t care about. So slobs like Liddle won’t tell readers of the extra £110 million he committed to the Met only last February. Or the extra Police officers dedicated to fighting knife crime detailed in that knife crime strategy from June last year.

Sadiq Khan is giving the job his best shot. Rod Liddle doesn’t care about that, though. He only wants to slag off the Mayor because he’s a Scary Muslim (tm) and the order has come down from the 13th floor to give him a good kicking.

For dishonest racism, there’s the Sun. For everything else, there’s toilet paper.


Anonymous said...

The Sun = Der Sturmer, Britain 21st century edition.

Rod Liddle = Julius Streicher, Britain 21st century addition.

The developing tragedy in London is a direct product of the kind of "culture" of fear and loathing deliberately manufactured in that unhappy city and spread elsewhere. Sadiq Khan is fighting a near-impossible battle, though doing so valiantly. He isn't helped when an ageing nutjob like Jon Snow calls London - no, really - "a blessed place".

Liddle, of course like all fellow traveller fascist media thugs, is quite prepared to blame the victim communities.

The next step is to call in the military to occupy the victim communities. You know, just as they did in the USA in the days of Martin Luther King and beyond. If that happens, you can assume this country has become even worse than a 51st state.

Liddle is rotten to the core. So are his employers and colleagues.

A grown up said...

After all that excellent work from Tim along comes Anonymous to wreck it completely again with his puerile simplicities.
For God's sake, man, go somewhere else where and spout this infantile shit.