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Friday 13 April 2018

Farage Allies LBC With InfoWars

Former UKIP Oberscheissenführer Nigel “Thirsty” Farage has accomplished much during his time as a presenter for broadcaster LBC, and most of that includes him dropping that employer in the mire because of his inability to tell fantasy from reality. But still they continue to employ him, because, let us not drive this one around the houses for too long, the ratings are good. So calls for Mr Thirsty to go have fallen on deaf ears.
Squeaky P45 finger up the bum time

Until this afternoon. Farage has appeared on InfoWars, the screamingly batshit conspiracy channel presided over by the ranting and permanently paranoid Alex Jones. The problem for LBC is that they have no deniability this time - because Farage did his piece for InfoWars from their studio, with their branding prominent in the background.
Right from the start of the exchange, this was an journey into fantasy, a make-believe far-right dystopian future full of The Left (whomsoever they be) and something called Radical Islam, which presumably means lots of those Scary Muslims (tm). Right from the word go, it was wacko, it was unreal, and it was making LBC look Very Bad Indeed.

Jones kicked off in characteristic style, or lack of it. “You’re a leading expert on this [!] … why is The Left allied with Radical Islam? Why are they trying to flood?” What does he mean by that? Who knows, and indeed, who cares? But Farage was up for it.
They hate Christianity. They deny absolutely our Judeo-Christian culture [?] … which … are the roots of our nations and our civilisation … and don’t forget Alex, they want to abolish the nation state! They want to replace it with a Globalist project [anti-Semitic dog whistle] and the European Union is the prototype for the New World Order”.
Shine a light, he was supping some even stronger than usual stuff this lunchtime. Utterly wacko, totally paranoid, devoid of the merest hint of a fact. And there it was with the LBC background. Now forever linked with InfoWars, which meant … Graham Linehan had one pointer on that one. “Someone needs to ask Farage if he agrees that 7/7 was a false flag”. The attacks on London that killed more than 50 people? Well, Nige?
Meanwhile, Hope Not Hate has stated “Farage cosying up to Alex Jones and InfoWars, with the @LBC logo prominently in the background, is a new low for Farage. This should get condemnation from across the political spectrum”, and there is more bad news for LBC from Mark Di Stefano at BuzzFeed.

On Farage using LBC studios to cross into InfoWars, LBC source: ‘Management had no idea. No way this was cleared with anyone senior’”. Jones, in addition to all the other wild and totally untrue conspiracy theories he peddles, called the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School a “hoax”. That’s who Nigel Farage has linked LBC up with.
LBC has had ample warning; the broadcaster cannot claim they didn’t see this one coming. Now they have a straightforward choice to make: do they sack the SOB now, or leave it overnight and then sack him in the morning?

The time of Nigel Farage at LBC was for a time, but not for all time.


Anonymous said...

Farage really has been sucked in by the conspiracy clangers.

He went AWOL a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

Faridge, you dipstick, the new world order is here... And you're part of it!

Jonathan said...

Do you know who regularly consults Alex Jones for advice?
Aah yes the Orange clown occupying the White House.

iMatt said...

In the aftermath of the disastrous 2016 referendum, Farage's mask has well and truly slipped. Not that it was well secured in the first place.

The bigot has become even more openly racist and barely hides it. Not only with regards his words, but the totally hatstand and despicable company he increasingly keeps. Jones is but the latest example.