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Saturday 7 April 2018

Tommy Robinson Facebook Fibs

After he was banned for good by Twitter, Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, first declared that this was an assault on his freedom of speech. Then he decided to organise a march from Speaker’s Corner to Twitter’s London office. But neither gesture would help him to get his message out to his followers. So he has taken to Facebook to tell the world what he believes it should hear.
The recipe is very much as before: Lennon’s claim that what he is bringing to his followers is “The Truth”, that anyone and everyone who passes adverse comment upon him is a liar, and that the country is being taken over by Scary Muslims (tm).
Some of what he promotes is the usual merchandising, such as “If you are interested in reading my Auto Biography [!] 'Enemy of the state' or educating yourself using my other book Mohammeds Koran: why Muslims kill for Islam you can do so by clicking the link's on this post. The first link is for the UK and the second is international delivery”.
And some is sheer exaggeration: “Even Home office officials are now involved in falsifying documents to smuggle hundreds of illegal immigrants into our country. £56m paid in benefits to those illegals. This government stinks”. He somehow missed that the Mail story he linked to said that £56m could have been paid. Still, details, eh?
Plus there had to be Muslim bashing: “Fair play to this lady who stood her ground at speakers corner on Easter Sunday to ask the police why they were not applying the law. She exposed the clear message from the top informing the police to ignore law breaking from some communities”. Muslims praying. He doesn’t like it. When a group of Jewish Londoners turns up at Speaker’s Corner to support those Muslims, he’ll have a problem.
Talking of Jews, there he was, right on cue: “Labour is riddled with anti semitism as Corbyn sides with his extremist terrorist friends Hamas, and the Muslim brotherhood. Labour and Momentum shut down anyone who has a different opinion to them, harass and abuse them. This is the true face of fascism and Labour party are the new Nazi Party. The Nazis were socialists after all just like Corbyns [sic] mob”. Yeah, right.
Stephen Lennon claims someone else harasses people who have a different opinion (but not him, eh?). He also calls “Nazis” on others after backing Martin Sellner. But then comes the real pièce de résistance, as he urges his followers to register to vote.
London council elections are on the 3rd May. If you do not usually vote I would urge you to go out and vote for UKIP under Gerard Batten, For Britain under Anne Marie Waters or pretty much anyone else other than the far left communist [sic] Labour party! Nearly every gang grooming and rape scandal are in exclusively Labour councils some of which document that they colluded with others to cover it up. London is predominantly Labour and alongside labour Mayor Sadiq Khan they are turning our capital city into a 3rd world city. May the 3rd is your chance to do something about it”.

Collusion? Evidence, perchance? After UKIP MEP Jane Collins’ libel loss? Quite apart from his efforts most likely having no effect whatever on next month’s results, there is the problem that Lennon is peddling the same hate speech on Facebook that he did on Twitter. So it won’t be long before his Facebook account goes the same way.


Jonathan said...

Reported the self styled narcissitic to Facebook..

Anonymous said...

The grubby little shit should be in jail.

Unknown said...

"Auto Biography" Does the numpty know this is all one word? Does he not know Muhammad is spelled this way and koran should be Qu'ran? He needs more education and less keyboard use.