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Thursday 19 April 2018

Karen Danczuk Engagement IS OVER

It was the Z-list news of last June: Karen Danczuk, ex-wife of Rochdale’s now thankfully former MP, had become engaged while in Spain, to someone she met out there. The moment of proposal was a complete surprise, despite the cameras being present to exclusively record the event to generate more attention for Fame Flynet.
Karen Danczuk ...her 15 minutes is up

The Mail gushed “They're definitely NOT on the rocks! Selfie queen Karen Danczuk is overwhelmed as her Spanish toyboy pops the question on the beach (before they stop to snap a picture) … Mother-of-two Karen Danczuk, 34, is set to marry her Spanish toyboy lover David … The so-called selfie queen looked overwhelmed as he proposed on a beach … The loved-up couple frolicked on the shore and David gave Karen a piggyback”.

There was even a joint appearance on ITV’s Loose Women, with the Mail faithfully giving the accepted narrative: “Selfie Queen Karen Danczuk has revealed that the path to romance with her new toyboy fiancé wasn't quite so smooth … In fact, 26-year-old Spanish waiter David turned the mother-of-two down the first time she plucked up the courage to ask him out … ’I was devastated,' she told the Loose Women panel during an appearance on the ITV daytime show”. But all good things come to an end.
News Thing panel 31 March/1 April - Kazza at left

Zelo Street sources over in Rochdale have told that Kazza’s fiancé has moved out of the Danczuk bungalow. Perhaps the prospect of him being stuck working long hours for not very much money in a nearby warehouse was less appealing than working long hours somewhere not far from Alicante, whence he came.

Was it the end? Well, one never decides on a single source, but then Kazza fetched up on RT’s News Thing at the end of last month, in one of her increasingly rare sleb appearances. There she is on the left of the photo … sans ring. Then came an inadvertent two part confirmation, first from her on Twitter, then from her now former partner.
After one Tweeter had suggested she had left the UK for Spain, Kazza snapped “unless Rochdale is a Town in Spain I’m defo still in the UK enjoying my life despite the bitter middle aged women like yourself”. But on the first Monday of this month, her fiancé posted a photo from an aircraft window with the caption “Sierra de Callosa desde mi ventana”. And after that posting, he promptly took his account private.
The Sierra de Callosa is just west of Elche, which is just west of … Alicante-Elche airport. All of which means he’s back in Spain, while Kazza is still happily telling the world of life with the kids in Rochdale. But not about this minor setback in her increasingly desperate campaign to extend that 15 minutes of fame. Which has progressed not necessarily to her advantage.

Meanwhile, the press has moved on to the next Z-lister. Sad, really.


Anonymous said...

Tim, I understand and share your disdain for these pathetic muppets*. But they're effectively out of political public life now. Don't you think it's time to concentrate more on important issues, as you usually do and do well?

Surely the approach should only change if either of them try to re-emerge into politics?

*Simon and Karen that is, not the unfortunate Spaniard.

Anonymous said...

Keep it up Tim. She's still attention seeking, being generally unpleasant, and flogging her used undies on ebay in the hope the media gives her more attention. Given how vile she is, I'm not sorry to have a wry smile at her downfall either. Or indeed, Simon's.

Toyboy is well out of it.

Jonathan said...

Karen is a desperate woman desperately trying to fill a void in her soul.
She'll be out on the town in Rochdale on Friday night trying to pull.

Men beware, avoid her like the plague.

Birddogtoo said...

Bungalow life in Darkest Rochdale V Casa di Mama in Sunny Spain was never going to win.

I suspect the increasingly absurd idiotic curveballs being thrown by 'KD' on EBay and the like opened lover boys eyes and pushed him into finally realising she is not the person he thought she was not matter what promises made.

The only 2 people to feel sorry for are her 2 boys who must be growing up very confused. It's time she took notice of what people have been saying for years about her and made an attempt to be nice to people for a change and get a proper job instead of expecting everything on a platter. She might find she get's on much further in life if she does.


Jonathan said...

Hailing from Rochdale, I love my hometown but I wouldn't want to share the same street as KD, as she is a magnet for the right wing rags journos and photographers.

Anonymous said...

And true to form proving your blog is read by many Kazza posts pics attempting to disprove Zelo Street. Trouble is they could have been taken any time the sun was out - no date no proof. Try harder Kazza with a full newspaper in view next time.