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Wednesday 4 April 2018

Boris Johnson - Time To Go

The clown inexplicably put in charge of the Foreign Office, London’s formerly very occasional Mayor Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, has built a career from lying. He lied in his first job in journalism, which got him the sack. He lied about his affair with Petronella Wyatt, which got him the sack from the Tory front bench. He lied about the EU when working for the Telegraph. And he lied when in charge at City Hall.
An absolute Muppet. And Elmo from Sesame Street

Bozza cannot be trusted any further than he can be usefully chucked. One of his former editors, Max Hastings, said “I would not take Boris's word about whether it is Monday or Tuesday … He is also a far more ruthless, and frankly nastier, figure than the public appreciates … I would not trust him with my wife nor - from painful experience - my wallet”.
But now, Bozza’s non-stop dishonesty express has hit the buffers. After the Salisbury poisoning incident, he was absolutely adamant that Porton Down had confirmed not only that Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia had been the victims of a weapons grade nerve agent known as Novichok, they had also informed him categorically that the nerve agent had come from Russia - not just that it was a Russian invention, or Russian operation.
That matters, mainly because lying at international level is likely to cause serious embarrassment to your own country. It is not something that even the most fawning, adulatory press can hush up. Especially after Porton Down Tweeted out “Our experts have precisely identified the nerve agent as a Novichok. It is not, and has never been, our responsibility to confirm the source of the agent”. So they didn’t know where it came from.
Mehdi Hasan mused “So the UK Foreign Secretary has been caught in a lie, has he not?” Looks like he has. But worse than that was the news following right behind: the Foreign Office, presumably taking Bozza’s lead, had repeated the lie. Then, as the shit hit the fan, someone there tried to cover their tracks. It didn’t work.
Paul Brand of ITV News showed why: “If this tweet from the UK Foreign Office on March 22nd - saying Porton Down identified source of Novichok as Russia - did indeed exist (which we are trying to establish) it would appear that it has been deleted. Hm”. Paul Waugh of the Huff Post then told “This looks very embarrassing for Boris Johnson. Foreign Office confirm they deleted a tweet that said Porton Down said Salisbury nerve agent was 'produced in Russia’”. Double pants on fire at the FO!
But what is much, much worse is not just that the Russians will have a field day, but that all those countries that have taken our word on trust will now be wondering if they can continue to do so with Bozza in his current job. Sure, Russia could still be behind the Salisbury attack, and indeed they remain the prime suspects. But a Foreign Secretary must never, but never, be so careless as to lie, and do so on the record.
At the very least, Boris Johnson must resign, or be caused to resign. The problem for Theresa May is that she is so weak, and in hock to the same right-wing press for whom Bozza is a key asset, to be able to move swiftly against the SOB.

Bozza has dropped the Prime Minister in the shit. And has made the country a laughing stock. For that, his press pals will probably give him a medal.


Arnold said...

To be fair, Treeza probably never expected him to be in a position to start World War 3.

Matt said...

Let’s not forget there is a poor woman Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, facing an extended jail sentence in an Iranian prison thanks to our Foreign Secretary “clumsy” remarks.
So now our Foreign office, who has accused the Russian Embassy of disinformation, has been caught out publishing disinformation.

It’s difficult to know which disinformation to believe.

Without the lack of backing from the OPCW accredited laboratory at Porton Down, then it basically comes down to who do you believe.

Ted Bangor said...

Oh dear,

My guess is Jeremy Corbyn is about to get hit with a whole lot more whataboutery so the press won't have space to talk about the Johnson.

Or more likely they'll blame Porton Down for disagreing with the Johnson, which is probably "treason", or something.

Anonymous said...

C4 have "Fact Checked" Boris and found him clean. Who's going to do the same for the FCO? See Craigmurray.org for evidence.

Burlington Bertie from Bow said...

Be fair, Tim. There's no room in the media for this sort of irrelevant character assassination. All the space is already taken up by news that an Islington left-wing Labour MP spent a Passover evening with some of his left-wing Jewish Islington constituents thus demonstrating his utter disregard for the views of right-wing non-Islington Jewish conservatives.

Anonymous said...

Like UKIP, Theresa May and the government, Johnson isn't going anywhere.
Wether people like it or not, any sackings or anything that could destabilise the government and lead to the possibility of a Corbyn led Labour government, Johnson could literally pull faces behind Theresa May making a televised speech and still be in position.
That unfortunately, is the level politics has lowered itself to.

Jonathan said...

Tezza won't fire Bozza boy, doing that would have Nadine Dorres and other female Tory MPs in a flap..

Anonymous said...

Of course he won't be sacked.

The mouth breather Maybot is too shit scared to drop the hammer on him.

She probably reckons it's better to have him inside the tent pissing out rather than outside pissing in.

Anything for a larf.