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Thursday 19 April 2018

Nick Timothy - Pants On Fire

Theresa May continues to find herself under fire, not least for misleading the Commons twice in the space of a few minutes yesterday. As a result, only the Guardian has put the scandal of the “Windrush Generation” on its front page today, with the increasingly desperate and downmarket Telegraph, one of those more favourably disposed to the PM, instead allowing her former √©minence grise Nick Timothy to shamelessly spin for her.
The problem for both Tel and Tim is that the latter talks well, but lies badly, and on the most basic of points. Ms May’s time at the Home Office became infamous for a number of initiatives aimed allegedly at illegal migrants, but which generated severely adverse comment for their effect on the BAME community generally. One of the most notorious was that of the so-called “Go Home” vans in the summer of 2013.
Timothy is now claiming that his boss was actually opposed to the “Go Home” vans, and in pursuit of getting his message home, has taken to Twitter to back up his Tel column. “The Windrush scandal is heartbreaking and must be fixed. But it should not be used as an excuse to stop sensible policies that limit illegal immigration” he offered for starters.
Then came the deflection: “In my column today I also reveal the truth about the notorious ‘go home or face arrest vans’: TM was opposed to them and they were approved while she was on holiday in 2013 … The so-called ‘hostile environment’ strategy designed to limit illegal immigration actually began under Labour, not the Tories. This is what Jeremy Corbyn calls ‘callousness’”. And, as Jon Stewart might have said, two things here.
One, the problem now faced by so many of the “Windrush Generation” is not down to anything Labour might have done when in power - the relevant legislation was enacted in 2014. And Two, we know exactly what Jezza called it, as his Twitter observation from the time is still extant: “The Immigration Bill has a very dangerous new clause which allows the Home Secretary to remove citizenship and thus create stateless people”.
Moreover, the idea that Treeza was away on holiday at the time the “Go Home” vans were patrolling London is bunk. This exercise, called Operation Vaken, was and indeed still is well documented, and this is what the blurb says about when it all happened: “The pilot took place between 22 July and 22 August 2013 in six London boroughs [and] continued until 22 October to provide a three month period to allow for Emergency Travel Documents to be obtained and completion of the voluntary departure process for some of the nationalities encountered”. July to October 2013. Without interruption.
And as James Doleman has discovered, on the very day that Operation Vaken began, Ms May was featured, very much in the present tense, in the Daily Mail. She was then featured in the following edition of the Mail on Sunday. And on July 30, she managed to send the authorities in Portugal a request regarding the Madeleine McCann case.
Theresa May was very much at work when the “Go Home” vans began to circulate around London. And the Operation Vaken pilot went on for its full scheduled three month period. So Nick Timothy has been caught blatantly lying in the pages of the Telegraph.

Then he wonders why people have difficulty believing him. What a complete clown.


Anonymous said...

Dim Tim, the election disaster and bullshitter extraordinaire has a major problem, and it is this:

Anything done in the last Labour goverment was done by NEW Labour, a right wing faction little different from the political low lives he shills for.

So every time he or his gauleiter controllers get shouty in this fashion, they actually help Jeremy Corbyn's attempt to clear out said New Labour Quislings. Because, of course, Corby had fuck all to do with any of the New Labour corruptions.

So carry on, Dim Tim. Please. You utter arse head.

rob said...

Careful Anon some might equate Dim Tim with eloquent writer of this blog!

Just as bad as equating New Labour with a far right Tory party. It's that sort of rhetoric that is giving UK politics, right and left a bad name.

Concentrate on the policies not the ad hominem.

Anonymous said...

That's the tory Timothy. Not the beloved writer of this blog.

Anonymous said...

New Labour haven't been labelled red tories for no reason. That's what they are and what they'll always be. You only have to view the behaviour of Mann during the "anti-semitism debate" - the fellow is sheer poison, and typical of that warmongering gang of hypocrites. Disgusting, the lot of them.

Ferdy Fox said...

Oh come on!
I'm sure Jezza must have walked within a hundred miles of the company that provided the "Go Home" vans sometime in the last 50 years. If that's not a proof of guilt, then what is?
Next thing we'll be saying it was all the Maybot's fault, perish the thought! Anyway, how could she? She was busy being in charge of the Home Office at the time - nothing to do with vans and transport and all that sort of thing.

Anonymous said...

Why was the thing called "Project Vaken"? It's a strange name. Vaken means awake in Swedish, but it gives me an uneasy feeling.

Anonymous said...

"Project Vaken"? Sort of similar to "Deutschland Erwacht" from You Know Who.

Anonymous said...

He's deactivated his Twitter account https://twitter.com/NickJTimothy ;)

rob said...

In office illegally?
Did your party swingers overspend?
Did dirty foreign money taint your finger hold on power?
Why not retire home to suitable tax haven and count the cash!