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Saturday 14 April 2018

Katie Hopkins Backs Mass Murderer

So the great military response has arrived: lots of missiles have been lobbed into Syria, in what Combover Crybaby Donald Trump has termed the marshalling “of righteous power against barbarism”, because there’s nothing at all barbaric about sending industrial amounts of TNT into foreign countries. Theresa May has joined the action, without bothering with Parliament, but not because there are local elections next month.
Viewers may still want to look away now

The missiles, and perhaps bombs, will save no-one. The numbers of refugees will not diminish because of them. But they have served to show the world just how twisted the logic of some of those out on the far right has become. Yes, the alt-right and its hangers-on has waded in on the side of murderous tyrant Bashar al-Assad. And where there is the alt-right, in the UK there is pro-am motormouth Katie Hopkins.
Hatey Katie, great patriot that she is not, has decided that Russia is right and everyone else is wrong. Plus she now thinks al-Qa’eda is involved. Seriously. “Strikes against Assad regime ordered by Trump with the support of France and the U.K. Cue pictures of Al Queda terrorist factions / white helmets celebrating in 5...4...3... #Assad”. And, of course, the White Helmets are somehow terrorists. Plus she was only getting warmed up.
There was also the paranoia to throw in. “BRITISH GENERAL Jonathan Shaw- former Commander of Troops in Iraq. WATCH censorship on #SyriaStrike in action” she howled, but Shaw had not been censored - Sky News (“first for breaking wind”) had reached the point in their broadcast where they had to cut to what is called a “hard ad break”.
That paranoia and perverse loyalty also meant taking Russian propaganda bots as trusted sources. So when one said the Russian air force was “active and moving south”, she gasped “Oh my heart. Wishing balls of steel to all serving troops right now”. Easily misled, easily conned. As well as taking one source claiming to be from France and against any intervention, and declaring it to be also trusted. Hey ho.
Still, there was always Theresa May to kick. “Theresa May. ‘British bombs are not designed to escalate further tensions in the area’. Do they apologise for themselves as they land you daft Dorris?” This is actually a valid point, but being an Assad apologist tends to detract from that. As does taking Russian propaganda and suggesting they mean they are going to retaliate by striking at London, Washington DC, and Paris.
Then she lost it completely. “History teaches us that when you bomb middle eastern countries, our British sons & daughters pay the ultimate price - at concerts, on bridges, in the streets. For what? Secular Assad v Al Queda”. Strange, I thought that had nothing to do with it - it was just because they were Scary Muslims (tm). And “al-Qa’eda”? No.
With that, it was back to taking Russian propaganda as fact and warbling “Theresa May. You didn’t have the courage to fight for Brexit. But you willingly enter a fight with the secular leader of a sovereign country & incur the wrath of Russia”. See? It’s OK for Assed to indulge in mass murder - including gassing his own population - because he’s “secular”.

And if you believe that, you’ll believe anything. Which Katie Hopkins has done.


Anonymous said...

Sorry Tim, I never thought I would see the day but I am siding with Hopkins and indeed Farage on this.
Its a con, our media has been whipping up anti Russia Propaganda for months now, It was always about having an excuse to go into Syria.

I think in this instance it is you that is being easily misled

anon said...

And who are you backing Tim, jaish al nusra,because that's what the " allies " are effectively doing..

Anonymous said...

Hopkins is immaterial. The week before last woman.

It isn't necessary to support Assad or Russia to hold Western actions in complete contempt. The fact is, the West has mass homicidal form in this, from Afghanistan to Libya - now looming in Africa too. To say nothing of US Nazi action in Central and South America. All of it a total disaster for indigenous peoples.

The truth is the West and its policies are designed precisely to promote divide and rule, to interfere and invade, and to leave chaos behind. The last resort of Western imperialism.

But all empires come to an end sooner or later. And when this one inevitably expires, do you think the East is going to forget what was visited on them by Nazi paranoid thugs in the Pentagon and Europe?

These attacks by madmen in the USA, Britain and France shame us all. Hopkins?......Pffffttt.