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Sunday 29 April 2018

Far Right Holds Day Of Irrelevance

As Zelo Street regulars will know, Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, had previously declared that he would lead a march from Speaker’s Corner to the UK offices of Twitter, because he had been permanently barred from the platform and concluded, wrongly, that this infringed his right to free speech. He is still able to speak freely, which is why we now know the march will not go ahead after all.
Instead, Lennon and a number of other sundry no-marks have decided to assemble on London’s Whitehall for a “Day For Freedom” on Sunday 6th May.  Lennon has told the convocation of the irredeemably batshit otherwise known as Breitbart “The establishment wants to be able to say things about us without us being able to say things back, without being able to defend ourselves or explain our positions. This is how indoctrination works”.
This is total crap. Lennon can say back what he likes, and has done in the past to the extent that he was prepared to make 300 mile round trips on two successive nights just to indulge in acts of intimidation (which, as Zelo Street readers will know, didn’t work). He and his pals can explain their positions to their hearts’ content. Just not on Twitter.
Still, who is going to fetch up at this gathering? Apart from Lennon himself, described by the Breitbart goons as a “citizen journalist” (yeah, right), there will be such luminaries as Mark Meechan, aka Count Dankula, famous for getting his partner’s dog to respond to the command “Gas the Jews”. But there is no anti-Semitism at this gathering, honestly.
Who else might rock up to entertain the alleged masses? Breitbart helpfully tells “Canadian journalist Lauren Southern appears in the video along with Identitarian leader Martin Sellner and author and political commentator Britanny Pettibone”. Two things here. One, “Identitarian” is code for modern-day Nazi. And two, none of these three are likely to appear in person, having all been refused entry to the UK recently.
Anyone else? “Other individuals expressing their support for the Day for Freedom included Breitbart London editor in chief Raheem Kassam, For Britain Movement leader Anne Marie Waters, UKIP leader Gerard Batten, Canadian conservative media personality Gavin McInnes, YouTuber Carl Benjamin also known as Sargon of Akkad, as well as Canadian philosopher and YouTube personality Stefan Molyneux”. Wow. Or maybe not.
Ray” Kassam is just another far-right gobshite. The alleged YouTube “personalities” aren’t. And Adolf von Batten is appearing mostly out of desperation. And there is one more alleged “Name” appearing, but Breitbart haven’t mentioned him, perhaps because they sacked him following that apology for paedophilia.
Yes, the washed-up figure of Milo Yiannopoulos will be there too, providing he can sponge off someone else for his plane fare and hotel bill. He and they will shoot their mouths off until the assembled crowd, such as it be, is bored stiff. Then they will tell anyone not yet asleep that their freedom of speech has somehow been curtailed.

And that is why the “Day for freedom” is an irrelevance. It’s just a group of washed-up nobodies desperately trying to grab the attention of a media which has moved on.


Anonymous said...

"Robinson" can always set up his own website blog.

Which, after one look, nobody except screaming Nazi loonies will want to revisit.

Unfortunately for "Robinson" it would require a greater grasp of the English language than that promoted by Twitter.

Jonathan said...

How does a White supremacist like Milo have a black husband?? And then fail to share who is? Is Milo a hypocrite, knowing that if his fellow Neo Nazis found out who is his, Milo is in big trouble.