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Thursday 12 April 2018

Mail Cambridge Uni Hatchet Job Fail

Like a dog returning to its vomit, the Daily Mail’s hatchet job supremo Guy Adams has come running to the defence of Nigel Biggar, a professor at Christ Church, Oxford. We have been here before, as Zelo Street regulars will realise: last December, Adams brought forth the expertly crafted headline “Revealed: How Oxford University is 'home to loud mouthed, Tory-loathing, anti-Israel academics who believe only they should have freedom of expression”. Biggar had been criticised by 58 of his fellow academics.
Why the f*** can't I order some c*** at the Mail to give some f***ing academic a punishment beating, c***?!?!?

Those fellow academics were duly smeared as mostly “card-carrying members of the Left”. Their transgression? To pass adverse comment on Biggar’s apologia for British colonialism, a subject which, as any fule kno, cannot be challenged without provoking the ire of the Daily Mail’s legendarily foul mouthed editor and his obedient hackery.

And so it has come to pass that Nigel Biggar has once again been subjected to severely adverse comment for his colonial revisionism, and once again he has gone running to the Mail in order to seek redress. That the Dacre doggies have embarked upon a serious campaign of attack is confirmed by a softening-up assault on academia by Stephen “Miserable Git” Glover, who suggests that any academic staff attracting the Mail’s displeasure are Rotten Lefties (tm) who aren’t teaching proper academic subjects.

This paves the way for Adams to go after Priyamvada Gopal, who, among her various duties, works within the University of Cambridge. For some reason, the hatchet job has not been made available online, but PressReader has told us all we need to know.
Guy Adams. Just don't call him a bellend 

“How CAN Cambridge let this hate-filled don pour out her racist bile?” thunders the headline, as we realise that the Mail has already done its risk analysis and calculated that Ms Gopal does not have the means to take them to the cleaners for the blatant libel - she is not pouring out racist anything, despite Adams’ logic gymnastics in his defence.

He denounces Ms Gopal as in “Internet troll”, a deliberate attempt to devalue the opinions of the selected target. He claims insistently that she has “clearly breached the University of Cambridge’s own social media guidelines”, despite her Twitter account being a personal one, which carries no mention of her University work in its bio.

Then, his trawl through her Twitter history complete, and passed off as an “investigation”, Adams brings us to his not very devastating conclusion. “Cambridge University is - for the time being [note implicit threat to come back and issue another punishment beating] - quite happy for one of its senior academics to use Twitter and Facebook to spread obscene bile about professional colleagues with whom she happens to disagree”.
There is, of course, no obscene bile, and indeed no investigation. Adams’ attack is a slanted opinion piece, a hit job ordered by the Vagina Monologue himself. As Ms Gopal observed following the Mail giving notice of the attack, “Have kindly received notification from Daily Heil that they are preparing a hatchet job on me as Twitter oppressor of imperial apologists. Looks like they're going to be asking my employer whether I should be allowed to keep my job. No freedom of speech for gobby browns”.

The only racism here is that coming from the Daily Mail. Likewise the attack on freedom of speech. Nigel Biggar is a bigot and a coward. As he was last time everyone looked.


Anonymous said...

At last some academics have grown a pair and are taking on the ranting righty loonies among them.

Decent academics have been cowed for far too long.

The Toffee said...

"Guy Adams. Just don't call him a bellend"

Ok I won't...Because by the looks of him, he's a MASSIVE helmet :P

Unknown said...

Never in a zillion years will politics ever solve anyone's problems. It's a blind alley. Politics merely promotes hatred, violence and intolerance.