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Monday 9 April 2018

Guido Fawked - Scooped By Skwawkbox

Once again, the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog has returned to the task allocated to the task allotted by their masters in our free and fearless press - to continue the campaign to delegitimise Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in advance of next month’s local elections, and indeed in advance of yet more serious elections, if the Tories’ shaky grip on power falters in the near future.
Having failed to persuade voters that Jezza was a Soviet agent, a Goddam Commie, personally responsible for a rise in violent crime, an anti-Semite, and any number of other highly creative accusations, The Great Guido is now claiming that the Labour leadership is in hock to Bashar al-Assad and his murderous régime in Damascus.

So out came the predictable “Corbyn And Seumas’ Record Of Siding With Assad”, followed byCorbyn Refuses To Blame Assad For Chemical Attack”, suggesting that Jezza has been insufficiently warlike in his response to last weekend’s horrific chemical attack which killed scores of civilians, many of them children. But such is the predictable nature of the Fawkes massive that it had already been countered.
Worse for The Great Guido, it had been countered not only by Twitter rebuttal feed Tory Fibs (see HERE and HERE), it had been headed off by the Skwawkbox, a site that the Fawkes blog had denounced as a Fake News outlet (yeah, I know, the Fawkes mob calling “Fake News” on anyone else) not once, but twice. Skwawkbox had seen the Fawkes rabble coming and had got there well before them.

Yesterday, when the Fawkes blog was, as it is little more than a weekday operation, doing no more than putting out items on the Sunday politics shows, Skwawkbox took Tory Fibs’ “Ten times Jeremy Corbyn opposed the brutal & ruthless Assad régime in Syria & pushed for peaceand turned it into‘On the ‘right side of history’ again: ten times Corbyn opposed Assad”. And the blog was back on the case this morning.
This time, they called out Sajid Javid, who tries to come over as human but so often falls short. He had faithfully tried to connect Labour and Russia by telling “This [Labour] press release could have been written by the Kremlin”. Yes, the party which accepted hundreds of thousands of pounds in Russian-linked donations over the recent past now claimed that someone else was linked to Russia. It didn’t work. Nor did the Fawkes intervention.
To take most of the weekend off and then get scooped by a site you had recently twice denounced as a Fake News outlet? That is so close to humiliation as makes no difference. The Great Guido, now reduced to begging at the feet of the press establishment in order to  keep his over-nourished and over-watered staff in the style to which they have become accustomed, is now no more than another obedient print media poodle.

And that’s another reason why broadcasters should think twice before giving Staines and his fellow fakes the time of day. Another fine mess, once again.


Ted Bangor said...

Of course it will only be an issue for Guido if any of the public actually find out the truth about what Corbyn (or others) actually say.

But they won't as other than our dear Friend Tim no one is going to mention and if they do there are many a tory bully boy (or girl) ready to shout them down.

Anything the main stream press do say will be buried amongst the "Clarifications" printed in tiny type on some page no one reads due to the lack of pictures.

Such is the state of our free (to lie and get away with it) press and even, I'm sorry to say, the BBC who are too scared for their funding to say anything thier masters won't like.

keefer said...

Slightly off topic, have you heard of any goings-on between the Red Roar and the Guardian? I notice that Ann Perkins, the deputy political editor, had what could be called a 'generous' interview with Staines over the weekend, which has now just been followed up by a story from her about Barry Gardiner. in which he supposedly said something dubious about the GFA but there is no context, no mention of the question he was replaying to and it relies on a tape that appears to have been forwarded by "definitely not related to Fawkes' blog" the Red Roar. So just when Fawkes is going after the Observer's Cadwalladr, the Guardian appears to be given him a leg-up in the credibility department. Strange times...