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Thursday 26 April 2018

Fawkes Antisemitism - We Have To Talk

The perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog have recently been pushing the idea that the Labour Party is some kind of hotbed of anti-Semitism. This is despite the grim Fawkes record on the subject, as Zelo Street has pointed out - mere hypocrisy doesn’t put The Great Guido off his stride.
So Fawkes readers have been regaled withProducer Of Labour’s Race Row Election Video Tweeted About ‘Jewish Kapos’”, a Labour candidate who allegedly talked aboutJewish Money”, a full transcript of the JLC and Board of Deputies’ response to a meeting with Jeremy Corbyn, and a characteristically spurious claim that Len McCluskey had threatened Labour MPs who spoke out about anti-Semitism.
But the reality is that when it comes to racism is general, and anti-Semitism in particular, the Fawkes blog has no room to get righteous with anyone else. The comments, which are supposed to be moderated, have been a sewer of hate for years now, showing that, when it comes to getting clicks, The Great Guido is not too fussy about where they come from.
We know this as an enterprising Twitter account called Guido Fawkes Hate Exposed has just been set up, showing the crude anti-Semitism which the Fawkes rabble allows through the comment moderation process, such as “‘Is is good for J3ws’ That is the only question that matters so far as J3ws are concerned … They never really integrated did they … Diaspora J3ws are all anti-nationalist multi-culturals until it comes to Israel”.
There was more: “just why do the Jews believe they have a right to pull the strings [!] of the main political leaders of this country? Is it just because they are ‘God’s chosen people’ or to put it another way, the ‘Master Race’? … You are not a separate race, dump your primitive religion and become human!” All passed moderation.
This torrent of bigotry has not merely restricted itself to anti-Semitism: homophobia is another subject with which the Fawkes moderation rĂ©gime is more than comfortable, with one prize example asserting “I don’t want to stick my willy up a man’s bottom and I don’t want a man to stick his willy up mine … As much as they find it their right to express their love of buggery and sodomy - I have just as much right to condemn it”.
Such pleasant people. And don’t get them started on the Windrush scandal. That precipitated characterisations of black Britons which talked of “stabbings, blowing up their own apartments … unlimited handouts on housing” and “So the Windrush came over and the passengers bred like rabbits … and most of south London became a third world slum”.
Only after Guido Fawkes Hate Exposed began to call out Staines and his pals for effectively inciting hatred was the moderation tightened up, with commenters protesting “Looks like my post has been flagged because I mentioned a certain religion” … “Forget the books, Guido has gone ‘comment burning’” … “So much for free speech Guido” … “To be honest Guido you might as well just get rid of the comments section altogether”.

The Fawkes rabble give every indication that they were using racism to drive traffic - and that, as can be seen, included anti-Semitism. No-one with brain engaged should be taking lessons from this shower on that subject. Full stop, end of story.


Anonymous said...

Sounds of ranting righty desperation get shriller by the day......

Now is the time to watch broadcast "news" take a different tack as they realise their censorship has become so laughably obvious. Honourable very rare exceptions apart, none of it has a shred of credibility.

Anonymous said...

Can anybody tell us what Staines actually contributes to the British economy?

He takes more out of it in some ways.