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Saturday 21 April 2018

UKIP Endorses Tommy Robinson

The remaining membership of that motley convocation of saloon bar propper-uppers otherwise known as UKIP has recently agreed that their interim leader Gerard Batten would hold the post permanently. Batten has now declared that the Kippers are no longer in financial trouble, although exactly how this has been achieved is not told. But what is clear is that the party needs new members, and needs them quickly.
I em not a racialist, but, und zis is a big but ...

At next month’s local elections, UKIP will not stand candidates in many contests. The party is expected to be all but wiped out after results have been declared, not helped by a series of defections and resignations along the way. Worse, the far-right has been making inroads into UKIP support. So Adolf von Batten has decided to cosy up to them, although perhaps he should read the party’s rules first.
These state “Membership is not available to anyone who is or has previously been a member of the British National Party, the National Front, the UK First party, the English Defence League, the British Freedom Party, British People’s Party and the Britain First Party (or any other parties or organisations later added to the proscribed list). Any applications made from people who are or have been members of these organisations will be refused, and any subscriptions collected will be refunded. By making an application for membership, the applicant certifies that he is not and has never been a member of either of these parties”. So what has Batten’s response been?
Simples. He has decided to cosy up to Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson. Lennon brings a considerable following to the table, but he also has significant baggage: founder of the EDL, a criminal record which includes convictions for violence and fraud, and an ability to be highly economical with the actualité.
None of this appears to have fazed Batten, who has given Lennon his endorsement by sitting down for an interview, the culmination of his own long march towards intolerance, typified by assertions such as “A substantial ‘majority’ know multiculturalism has failed. A multi-racial society works where all share a common loyalty to their nation and its institutions, political & legal etc. But multiculturalism means competing groups with different agendas”. Loyalty. Isolating the disloyal. But not Jews. Yet.
Who might be “disloyal”? Ah, but he has an answer to that, too: “‘Grooming gangs’ is a euphemism for sex slavery, practiced on ‘Kaffir’ girls who are considered less than human & fair game. Justified by the perpetrators because the teachings of the sex predator & sadist who invented their religion”. Inflammatory hate speech, as well.
Who does he follow in such matters? “This talk by Mark Steyn is absolutely brilliant as a critique of modern Britain. It’s nearly half an hour but well worth listening to”. Steyn is another bigot, who claims that everyone in Europe will soon be living in a continent he calls “Eurabia”. Steyn, who likes to talk about “breeding”, falls back on the same excuse as Lennon: “My book isn't about what I want to happen but what I think will happen”.
Only telling it like it is. Not racist, because Islam is a religion, innit? It’s only “the truth”. Some of their best friends are brown and black. And Jewish.

UKIP is now heading inexorably to the irrelevance of the far-right fringe. Good thing too.


Arnold said...

“A substantial ‘majority’ know multiculturalism has failed"
The quote marks mean less than 50% presumably.

iMatt said...

And some still insist ukip are not:

A) Racist

B) Far-right

Just as ukip pretend MEP Roger Helmer was challenged by a caller to a BBC Radio 5 Live phone-in. He rightly called ukip a far-right party. Helmer challenged this naturally. What was much more worrying was when the host Nicky Campbell agreed with Helmer and equated those calling ukip far-right with those doing the same to Maggie Thatcher.

Thus Helmer and ukip got a free ride per usual. And yet the far-right mask has slipped ever further post the 2016 referendum. Not that it was securely fastened in the first place!