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Sunday 29 April 2018

Conservative Woman Split EXPOSED

The tedious group blog Conservative Woman, ruled over by the yet more tedious Laura Perrins and her pal Kathy Gyngell, employs the services of a number of right-leaning pundits to swell its repository of copy. One of those thus employed was Caroline Farrow, a trenchant pro-life campaigner and devout Roman Catholic. But note the past tense there: Ms Farrow and Conservative Woman have recently parted company.
Caroline Farrow

Those who look in on shows like BBC’s The Big Question may remember Ms Farrow, as indeed will anyone who has taken an interest in the attitude of the more conservatively Christian towards subjects such as abortion and same-sex marriage. She loves to dish it out, but can be terribly sensitive to anyone daring to criticise her.
Laura Perrins - had her confidence broken

Her split with Conservative Woman came over the Alfie Evans case, as a Zelo Street regular has pointed out. In a series of Twitter DMs, which Ms Farrow openly published on her feed, Laura Perrins tells her “Caroline, I hope you are well and I know you are full time with the tragic Afie Evans case. I am very torn on this case, and on principle I don’t agree with the law in this area”. Then she brings bad news for Ms Farrow.
However, myself and Kathy, as the editorial team do not agree with what is happening in this case.  As such can you not tag line yourself as a writer or blogger for the Conservative Woman for media appearances … I will continue to pray for the family”.

A clearly miffed Ms Farrow published all of those and added “Oh. And this happened. Sky used the wrong strapline and Laura was terribly embarassed. Name & association removed. No more free writing from me” [my emphasis]. So Conservative Woman expects its contributors to pony up copy for nothing. I’ll just leave that one there.
But perhaps Ms Perrins is better off without Ms Farrow: some of the latter’s Twitter outbursts have been beyond strange, as witness “As a matter of respect & utmost urgency Tom and Kate need Alfie’s Body to be removed from Alder Hey for an autopsy elsewhere. Perhaps the Italian embassy could step in?” That one was removed later.
Some of those still there, though, include “If you are more angry about a tweet describing the drugs being used to kill a toddler than the fact that he is being unlawfully killed, you might want to examine your priorities and conscience”. Claim of unlawful killing.
There was more: “This is why the end of life ‘care plan’ wanted the chemical cosh. They knew that without it, Alfie would live once the ventilator was removed. They wanted to kill him quickly” was one (note killing allegation once more), along with an attempt to intervene in medical treatment. Yes, seriously - “Calling all Alfie supporters!!! If you’re in Liverpool Alfie needs a resus mask ASAP!! His lungs have been working so hard for the last 31 HOURS he needs to rest them!! Please share and help if you can!! 
So Caroline Farrow flouncing out on Conservative Woman might turn out to be A Very Good Thing. Unless, of course, Laura Perrins and Kathy Gyngell would like to endorse the outpourings of their now former contributor. Which I somehow doubt.

The Christian right is a strange place. But media outlets keep giving it credibility. Hint.


Anonymous said...

Religion - ALL religion?

Medieval superstitious bollocks all of it.

It will continue to obstruct human progress and understanding until it and its crazy rituals evolve out.

During the seventeenth century English revolution the question was posed, "Where doth this god of yours sit with his arse?" There never was a response except to kill, torture or imprison anybody with common sense enough to ask the question.

The sooner Homo sapiens is rid of religious crackpottery in all its guises the sooner it can come to terms with its place in existence, whatever it may be. Until then, religionists will go on killing each other and making everyone else's lives a misery.

The terrible tragedy of poor little Alfie Evans and his parents is just one manifestation of the horror.

The Reader said...

You are blaming God for what people do.

Nodding Doris said...

I'm praying for you, Anonymous. Jesus loves you.

I'm also praying for the English language after reading 'myself and Kathy, as the editorial team'. To adapt Juvenal, who will edit the editorial team?

Fishman Dave said...

Bollocks, I was rather hoping it was the bog-Irish gobshite who'd flounced out

Anonymous said...

There is something reptilian about Laura Perrins. I usually love an Irish accent but she is so cold.

nparker said...

I pray for Anonymous too. I'm an atheist, but I'd annoy him so I'm in.

Lisa Graas said...

I will pray for you.