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Monday 23 April 2018

Nazis Fail To Stop Migration

Seemingly undaunted at their failure to interfere with operations to rescue refugees from drowning in the Mediterranean Sea, and having their pals deported from the UK, the activists of Generation Identity, for which read slickly presented Nazis, have regrouped and embarked on their latest mission: to blow someone else’s money pretending to “secure” the border between France and Italy and keep out … more of those refugees.
Martin Sellner, following in the footsteps of ...

The cast has been very much as before: Martin Sellner, who tried to get into the UK twice and has now been excluded permanently, his partner Brittany Pettibone, and others like Lauren Southern, who has also been deported from the UK. They claim that their mission is to “Defend Europe”, but as Italy is in Europe, this is clearly a sham.
... you know who

Still, there was Ms Pettibone telling her adoring followers “Defend Europe ‘Mission Alps’ has officially begun with approximately 100 Generation Identity activists from all across Europe shutting down illegal immigration at the French/Italian Border”. A bunch of Nazis have decided on a paramilitary exercise to subvert the rule of law. Along with telling those pesky migrants to shove off somewhere else.
And although she isn’t a Nazi, honest, Front National leader Marine le Pen has been happy to play along with this charade, telling “L’opération de Génération Identitaire a une conséquence cocasse: toute la gauche s’est plainte en hémicycle que ce ne soient pas les forces de l’ordre qui aillent protéger les frontières”. Yeah, a bunch of Nazis is really making the left look dead comical! Or something like that.
The official line is that this creepy publicity stunt is a real military-style operation: “During the first part of our mission, not a single illegal migrant has entered France: this is a victory! We have shown that if there is the will, border control is possible”. Tomorrow truly belongs to them. Then came their supporters - and a little reality.
Caolan Robertson, formerly side-kick to Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, proclaimed “RIGHT NOW: Hundreds of migrants are crossing the French Alpes led by far left militants. They will soon reach the #DefendEurope blockade. More to follow”. Yeah, it was, like, really dramatic.
There was even a real blockade - well, sort of. Although Robertson said “Here’s the blockade”, all his photo showed was a couple of dozen activists standing around with a flimsy plastic fence. Anyone so minded could have cut their way through it easily - or just walked around the clearly visible end. And so it came to pass.
Although the Nazi high command had proclaimed victory, Robertson admitted “Final update: Migrants took a different route and forced their way into France through the makeshift police border nearby”. So the sham publicity stunt had failed completely.
Still, it keeps the otherwise unemployable of the far-right occupied for a while. The problem will come when they try to be real law enforcers and someone gets hurt.

Then they will be able to stop sponging off their backers, and sponge off whichever state dumps them in the nearest slammer for a while.

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Anonymous said...

These dangerous fools are precisely the kind of idiots Umberto Eco had in mind when he coined the term "ur-fascism". Not that they'd understand it.