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Thursday 12 April 2018

Twitter Bans Another Bigot

The people policing Twitter have been busy recently, removing blue ticks from those peddling hate speech and even banning some, including Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson. Now one of those on the fringe of the Muslim bashers and hate preachers has also seen his account vanish.
Nick Monroe - another banned nobody

This time, the subject of the ban is one Nick Monroe, who has been going after Tell Mama, the group which monitors anti Muslim incidents and promotes what it calls “stronger communities” - such as those without the constant problem of Islamophobic hatred to deal with. Monroe’s pursuit of Tell Mama has not helped his cause.
Nor, it seems, are his pals interested in his being banned. That there was a ban on the way was clear from his recent outpourings, such as “The tenants of Islam are inherently  intolerant of Western values. You understand that right? There's a reason why terrorist attacks increased in Europe these past few years. You can thank Angela Merkel and Juncker of the European Union for being ignorant of that” and replying to a question as to what was going on in Europe by simply saying “Islam”.
Then came the Tell Mama baiting, ineffectual though it was. “Islam Hysteria: Leave EU Tells on Tell MAMA” (Leave EU is another sewer of intolerant bigotry) was followed with “I would not recommend trusting TellMamaUK to work in the community's best interests”. From there it was but a short hop to full-blown paranoia.
I mean to put it simply: TellMAMAUK is in a position where *they are teaching the police* what is defined as ‘anti-Muslim hatred’ Keep in mind the broadness of that definition on TellMAMA's part. Then, do the math”. They’re all coming to get us! And “they” were all in it together: “2 + 2 = TELLMAMAUK has access to police data. That's not really an ‘independent’ thing for a group to have at all”. And then came Lennon’s ban.
Monroe wanted everyone to know that he was there in solidarity with those banned from the UK: “Ten thousand UK citizens have signed a petition demanding @BrittPettibone @Lauren_Southern and @Martin_Sellner be allowed entry into the United Kingdom. This milestone means the UK authorities have to address the issue directly. The people have spoken”. And he was there in solidarity with Stephen Lennon.
Let it be known that even if @TRobinsonNewEra gets banned from Twitter, the cause of Free Speech he champions in his work lives on through the public's support. There are those who will try and divide us all apart like that. Because they're afraid of the power of our unity … I'm not a politician. Those of you reading this, likely aren't politicians either. But never forget the strength behind the working class and the common man. Never forget the power of You. For it truly is a force of nature … In that there's hope. To fight back against those who hate freedom of expression. I say this as having witnessed it for myself here this past week. With this petition. Thank you for your support, everyone. Every last one of you helped make this happen. Remember that”.
Sadly, now he’s been banned, no-one has remembered him. Lennon hasn’t mentioned him on his Facebook page. The alt-right are too busy promoting themselves. The circus has moved on without him. So he got himself thrown off Twitter for nothing. Sad, really.

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Robinson and co., perfect employees for London media.

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