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Sunday 15 April 2018

Nazis Banned PERMANENTLY From Britain

The so-called Identitarian Movement is holding a “conference” somewhere in the south-east around now. This slick repackaging of neo-Nazism had been hoping to welcome Austrian hate speech specialist Martin Sellner and his Hungarian colleague Ábel Bódi to their gathering. But just to show that the UK’s borders are rather more secure than the clowns from the planet UKIP have been telling us, they won’t be appearing.
Martin Sellner - now permanently banned from the UK ...
... as is his pal Lauren Southern ...

That is because both Sellner and Bódi were stopped at the UK Border, which on this occasion was situated in the arrivals area at Stansted Airport, and carted off to a hotel other than the one they had been expecting to check in to. Their pals indulged in the usual blanket display of dishonesty in relaying the story. But one thing all are agreed on is that, this time, Sellner’s ban is permanent. And he isn’t alone in that.
Mike Stuchbery, that bringer of inconvenient historical facts, picked up on Sellner’s attempt to enter the country. “Just realised Martin Sellner (and maybe Brittany Pettibone) will be trying to get back into the UK tomorrow. Good luck”. Sellner confirmed optimistically “Yes I'll be back”. But, unlike Arnie, he wouldn’t be.
Tagging London Mayor Sadiq Khan - as if he needs to waste time on another far-right bigot - Sellner grandly announced “Dear UK you can read my speech word by word as soon as I’ve landed in London”. Then came the equally optimistic “Just landed”.
Just over 40 minutes later came the bad news. “They stopped me at the passport control”. His pal Ábel Bódi was already nicked, telling his followers “Oh I can enjoy the UKs detainment. Thanks the coffee is great at least!” And there was more.
Thank you for all the support! I was wondering that the 1984 was not on the [bookshelf] in the [detainment room]”. Yeah, right. Meanwhile the propaganda machine was firing up, in the person of Lauren Southern, who we now learn has been permanently banned from the UK. “Martin Sellner has been detained as well as Hungarian identitarian Abel Bodi who were scheduled to attend a private conference in the UK. Hope Not Hate and Antifa are at the Stansted airport. Developing story”. Developing pack of lies, more like.
Why should “Antifa” (whomsoever they be) and Hope Not Hate need to turn up at Stansted? Perhaps they do in the minds of the paranoid conspiracy fringe. Meanwhile, Sellner’s partner Brittany Pettibone also spoke up. “@Martin_Sellner and @abel_bodi have been detained for wanting to attend a *private* conference in the U.K. Martin is also likely now facing a permanent ban. Ridiculous but not surprising. More info to follow”.
Yeah, ridiculous that the UK secures its borders and keeps shit-stirring Nazis out. But do tell us the sob story. “Finally, after 24 hours, Martin was allowed to make a phone call. He’s told me he’s been denied entry because his values ‘aren’t compatible with UK values’ and he’s been sent back to the Colnbrook detention facility. He won’t be allowed to fly home until tomorrow night”. Shouldn’t have tried to get in in the first place, should he?
... because, remember, no matter how slick the repackaging, a Nazi is still a Nazi

And now he’s been banned permanently, next time Sellner hopefully won’t get through passport control at the departure airport. So the taxpayer won’t have to fund his stay here.

Nazis are Nazis, however slick the repackaging. And we can do without them.


Lampy said...

I'm guessing this was the 'conference' that was booked under false pretences at the Stag Theatre in Sevenoaks, according to the theatre's facebook page, the Nazis were given their marching orders pretty sharpish once it was realised what they were up to.

Anonymous said...

It's a start.

But what about Murdoch, Rothermere, Dacre, Gallagher and all their attendant London Nazi fruitcakes?

Clean out our own stables too.