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Monday, 2 April 2018

Anti-Semitism - Kavanagh’s Admission

Many untruths have been pitched in the past week in the direction of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, but none had contained quite as much hypocrisy, dishonesty, bigotry, detachment from reality, and sheer brass neck as today’s effort from faithful Murdoch retainer Trevor Kavanagh, once again showing the world why the Super Soaraway Currant Bun is now selling fewer than 1.5 million copies a day.
After telling readers “The writing’s on the wall for real Labour after Jeremy Corbyn anti-Semitism scandal”, Kavanagh shows that if he’s going to get caught lying, he might as well make it a big one. “IS Jeremy Corbyn a racist? I think so, don’t you?”.

The pundit who is so dishonest he got thrown off the board of press non-regulator IPSO is calling someone committed to fighting racism a racist. Trevor Kavanagh, who viciously attacked Channel 4 News presenter Fatima Manji for wearing a headscarf. The author of the article which concludedOne day soon … we will be back in charge of immigration. What will we do about The Muslim Problem then?” Calling “racist” on others.

And there’s more. “Until last week he claimed he had missed evidence of Labour’s rampant anti-Semitism”. Lying. No he did not.

But if wilful ignorance is the legal definition of complicity, then Corbyn is guilty as charged”. Irrelevant, because there is no wilful ignorance.

Have another go. “All forms of racism are deplorable”. Except the ones the Sun uses.

It gets worse: “anti-Semitism was the pretext for the greatest act of genocidal racism in human history. Even Jezza cannot turn a blind eye to the systematic Nazi slaughter of six million Jews”. Malicious accusation of Holocaust denial.

You think I exaggerate? Here it comes: “Corbyn may not be a Holocaust denier, but”. Yes, the Sun is now paving the way to accuse Corbyn of Holocaust denial.

And it gets worse still: “His knee-jerk defence, more like defiance, is to argue that he is anti-Zionist, rather than hostile to Jews personally”. No it isn’t. Pack of lies.

And worse: “His support for a cartoon depicting big-nosed Jewish caricatures making money off the backs of kneeling slaves tells us all we really need to know”. It wasn’t a cartoon, and he wasn’t supporting it.

Have another go. “Just as he never quite appreciated the virulent anti-Semitism in Facebook groups that he had been a member of”. No citation. And no surprise.

But Kavanagh is not finished: he now moves to pretending Labour is, though. “Corbyn is today a deeply damaged figure. He is at war with his own party over anti-Semitism and his blinkered support for Kremlin tyrant Vladimir Putin”. When did that happen? Sure you’re not confusing Jezza with Rupe’s pal Donald Trump?

Then Kav takes the biscuit. “The party is in crisis and must split”. On the say-so of a Murdoch boot boy? A congenital liar incapable of thinking for himself? Yeah, right.

And what was that about bigotry? “Even pink-lipsticked trans comic Eddie Izzard won’t be able to put a gloss on that”. There you go - the mask slips. Transphobia. Just like Rupe ordered. Just like in the days of Kelvin McFilth.
Then we get into the realms of fantasy. “Ex-leadership hopeful Tristram Hunt spoke for many who believe the Labour Party is in crisis and must split”. Hunt was never a “leadership hopeful”. Not in anyone’s wildest dreams.

In any case, now it’s on to goading those the Sun likes to call “the moderates”, those who it believes in its delusional haze will somehow become an SDP Mark 2.

But with crucial local elections just a month away, moderates such as Yvette Cooper and Chuka Umunna are certainly weighing their optionsLying again. There ain’t going to be a split. Try again. “Can they really bring themselves to campaign for Momentum’s Marxists on May 3?” Momentum is but a small part of the Labour family, sorry.

Keep going. “Can they cover their eyes and pretend they are simply backing their local councillors, rather than endorsing the leadership?” Yeah, you “moderates”, show Creepy Uncle Rupe what you’re made of!

If not, well, there’ll be even more goading. “Can they side with the overwhelming majority of new Corbynite Labour supporters, who think the anti-Semitism row is concocted to destroy their hero?Lying again. Then comes the peroration. With more lying.

The party they once hailed as TIGMOO - This Great Movement of Ours - no longer exists”. Lying again. Go on.

Victory for Labour next month will be victory for Corbyn, John McDonnell, Diane Abbott and everything they stand for. It will strengthen Momentum’s throttle-hold over the party - and seal their fate as Labour MPs. Wilful ignorance is no excuse”. Ah. There’s the dead giveaway. It’s all about next month’s elections.

There is Kavanagh’s admission that the attack on the Corbyn leadership coming at this point is, as so many knew, because of those elections, not anti-Semitism. Worse, it’s a threat to any Labour MP who does not at least denounce the leadership that the Murdoch press will consider them fair game. Go along with Jezza and the Murdoch mafiosi will dredge up anything and everything about you and crap all over you.

Lying. Smearing. Threatening. Bullying. Truly desperate as well as dishonest stuff.

Trevor Kavanagh sold the pass as soon as he called “racist” on Corbyn. He made it worse by following that with “I think so”. Because he ceased to think for himself decades ago.

But good of Rupe’s faithful retainer to let slip what the attack on Jezza is actually about. It’s about electoral advantage. You didn’t think the inmates of the Baby Shard bunker were really fussed about anti-Semitism, did you?

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Anonymous said...

Every time Kavanagh gobs off he gives himself away.

What he can't conceal is the public record of his own urfascism.

The fellow is as morally corrupt as any of his predecessors in the Nazis and Fascists of the 1930s.

Contemptible doesn't begin to describe him.