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Monday 17 October 2016

Sun New Royal Lies Busted

The Murdoch mafiosi at the Super Soaraway Currant Bun were unrepentant when their headline claim “QUEEN BACKS BREXITwas shown to be a pack of lies: ineffectual snob Tony Gallagher, who claims to be the paper’s editor, said he would run the story again, despite sham regulator IPSO refusing to wipe the arses of the collective hackery. And he has been as good as his word, with today bringing more Royal whoppers.
Royal Exclusive … HARRY: HEROES PROBES ‘A JOKE’ … Prince in blast at witch-huntwas the front page lead, under the by-line of Defence Editor David Willetts, with the article claiming “FURIOUS Prince Harry has blasted the treatment of British troops hounded by spurious war crime claims”. And how exactly has he done that, then?

The royal, who served two tours of Afghanistan and is a former attack chopper pilot, is understood to be deeply concerned about the soldiers’ ordeal and wants more support for ­heroes facing prosecution”. So the Sun doesn’t actually know. Do go on. “And well-placed sources say he has come to view the Iraq Historic Allegations Team (IHAT) and Operation Northmoor - set up to probe alleged abuses in Afghanistan - as a ‘joke’”.

Is understood to be deeply concerned. Sources say he has come to view. The Sun then effectively admits this story is speculation: “But he has been frustrated in any bid to speak out by strict protocols barring senior royals interfering in political affairs”. So they still don’t know. But they do have “a senior source” who says “Harry is furious at the treatment of some British troops … He thinks the whole thing is a joke and is very concerned about the support these men and women are getting”. But guess what?
Yes, “He’s frustrated he can’t intervene, but knows he would get in trouble as it would be seen as political interference if he spoke out”. So they still don’t know. And the only other corroboration the paper can pony up is “An insider”, which means whoever is there in the Sun newsroom when the story gets dreamed up.

We also know this is another complete pack of lies because Kensington Palace has taken the unusual step of calling it out. “Prince Harry was painted positively by the paper in this story, but thinks it’s only fair that people know the facts” says the statement.

It goes on “He has not expressed views on this topic to anyone and he does not believe it would have been appropriate for a member of the Royal Family to have done so. This was very clearly communicated to the Sun prior to publication. Prince Harry does not comment on issues like this because to do so would actually undermine his ability to support veterans both in the UK and overseas”.

So the Sun ran a pack of lies, despite being were told by Kensington Palace that it was a pack of lies, and ran a front page headline which is clearly in breach of the IPSO Editor’s Code (headline not supported by article). That’s on top of the paper clearly urging that the UK disregards its obligations under international law.

It was an excuse for a paper last time it pulled one of these stunts, and it’s still an excuse for a paper now. Don’t buy the Sun.

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Bob said...

Are they back to hacking phones or worse?