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Sunday 16 October 2016

Simon Danczuk - Wasting Police Time

How the mighty are fallen. In times gone by, Rochdale’s still nominally Labour MP Simon Danczuk would have instructed his lawyers to threaten anyone calling out his less than totally wonderful and principled behaviour. But now that the income streams are beginning to dry up, and the possibility of his expulsion from the Labour Party - which would be followed by political oblivion - looms, Spanker Si is reduced to calling the cops.
Zelo Street regulars will recall that this blog called out Danczuk on Friday for pleasuring himself on video to a former girlfriend. Two photos were provided to support the contention that Spanker Si had been twanging the wire, or for those in the London area, having a bell and crank. This was followed not merely by the usual ridicule, but someone - assumed to be Danczuk himself - contacting the Murdoch droids at the Sun.

So it came to pass that the paper has now run'REVENGE PORN' SHOCK Disgraced Labour MP Simon Danczuk calls in cops after highly intimate snaps of MP on a bed were posted online … Politician's leaked photos appear to feature Danczuk on a bed with a close-up of his face with his head on a pillow”. And there’s more.
Insert jokes about hands free recording here

DISGRACED MP Simon Danczuk has spoken to police after highly intimate pictures of him were circulated online … Officers are said to be looking into whether distribution of the images, which show the politician on a bed, falls under revenge porn laws … The snaps appear to have been taken by Danczuk, 49, and feature a close-up of his face with his head on a pillow … It is understood the images were initially sent to one of his former lovers and then circulated further … Sources yesterday said the police investigation is at an early stage”. And that’s all the original stuff done.

So let me put Spanker Si and his press pals straight.

He did not take any snaps (minor point, I know).

So no images were sent to “a former lover.

The Sun does not have any evidence that Danczuk has spoken to the Police.

The images are only of a sexual nature if Danczuk was actually doing what I suggested he was doing, and they are only head shots, so there is no porn over which to take revenge. Danczuk has effectively conceded that he’s been flogging his log to an ex-girlfriend - who did not appreciate his behaviour.

The Police have not contacted me, and I do not expect them to do so.
No way back from this sticky situation

Simon Danczuk should think himself lucky the cops aren’t after him for harassment. He should also reflect that in the recent past he has become a serial complainer, calling those who report him to the Police and IPSA “cranks” (for exposing his misuse of the expenses system), whined about Rochdale Online holding him to account, and misbehaved behind the back of his then girlfriend, Louise Dickens, who has now dumped him.

As for the Sun - what a sorry excuse for journalism. But no surprise.


rob said...

Must have been taking advice from serial complainer the fragrant (or is that flagrant) Nadine Dorries of Bloggerheads fame.

Arnold said...

If that's porn, I think I'll stick with the Daily Mail side bar of shame.

Anonymous said...

Did he expense the Kleenex?

I think we can guess that he did.