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Tuesday 18 October 2016

Harry Cole Dobs In One Of His Own

Today has been a difficult one for the Sun’s alleged “Westminster Correspondent”, the odious flannelled fool Master Harry Cole (aged 17 3/4) as his duties have now extended to dobbing in one of his own side. The occasion, for which Cole has claimed an exclusive, it explained by the headline “Westminster rocked after Tory aide Sam Armstrong held over ‘rape’ in MP’s Parliament office ‘after House of Lords booze-up’”.
Sam Armstrong with Mark Clarke and India Brummitt

There is more. “A TORY MP’s aide has been arrested for allegedly raping a woman in Parliament … The alleged victim claims she was attacked by Sam Armstrong, chief of staff to Craig Mackinlay … She has told detectives she went with Mr Armstrong, 23, to MP Mackinlay’s office just yards from the Commons and was raped in the early hours of Friday … Police have confirmed Mr Armstrong, has been arrested on suspicion of rape”.

But Armstrong is not merely another Tory Party staffer: as Cole concedes, he was also pals with former party organiser Mark Clarke of Tory bullying infamy. Armstrong was one of those suspended in the wake of Elliott Johnson’s death, barred from that year’s party conference, although he was later reinstated and allowed to become an MP’s chief of staff. He was also implicated in the Rob Halfon blackmail saga.

All of which has come perilously close not only to the Tories, but also Master Cole: after all, he was also big mates with Clarke, allegedly falling out with him last year, but managing to get hold of Clarke’s signed original correspondence for his articles on the bullying allegations, which could only have come from one source. Did Cole know Armstrong? That much we do not yet know. But one of Armstrong’s affiliations we do know about.

Sam Armstrong was associated with the Young Britons’ Foundation (YBF), the body co-founded by Donal Blaney, who set great store by telling interviewers how he owed a duty of care to all those impressionable young people attending YBF gatherings. This was one of the reasons he gave for what he claimed was the postponement of last year’s YBF annual conference. So how do we know Armstrong was one of the YBF alumni?
You’ll love this: Armstrong’s presence at the YBF’s tenth anniversary gathering was confirmed by none other than Elliott Johnson - his blog #ThingsElliottSays is still live. The entry for 17th December 2013 tells “There were at this time a complaint however, not about the speakers but the views of the stage. This complaint came from NUCA's very tall freshers rep Sam Armstrong on Twitter. Apparently this near 6 foot chap couldn't see past me, although I am 5 foot 4 inches. Perhaps it may be something to do with the fact Sam was rolling around in the seat above me in agony from the night before?” Master Cole also attended that gathering as his Twitter feed confirms.

Armstrong and Johnson are shown together in Cole’s article, campaigning for Robert Jenrick in the recent Newark by-election. But there has been no statement thus far from Blaney. Nor are the Tories rushing to tell us much at all.

But pity poor Master Cole, having to dob in one of his own side. Get used to it, eh?


Chris P said...

Of course we must wait until the facts are known, but I'm reminded of that charming mantra: Isolate, Inebriate, Penetrate.

Anonymous said...

Drugging with mephodrone, taking photographs, filming women and then texting it out to others is a criminal offence carrying a jail term particularly when a woman tries to end her days. Texts to and from people are traced.