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Monday 31 October 2016

Kelvin McFilth New Refugee Incitement

Not content with its campaign of incitement against refugee children, claiming that many are not really under 18, the Murdoch goons at the Super Soaraway Currant Bun have launched another offensive in their war that is not really targeting brown people who have a religion the paper doesn’t like, honestly, and told readers that a 16 year old who has come to join family members in Britain is actually 22.
Readers are told’22-year-old’ bearded migrant ‘uni student’ insists he’s just sixteen as he starts secondary school classes”, but the supporting article can only manage “A CHILD migrant who reports claimed was 22 and a university student declared last night ‘I’m 16 and starting school soon’”. Oh, and “A LinkedIn page says he studied at an Afghani university three years ago”. But all was not lost.

The story has now been taken up by disgraced former editor Kelvin McFilth, who has decided not to bother even with the quote marks, and lie instead, a tactic in which he has significant previous. Kel states at the outset‘Children of Calais’ social media quip may be funny…but the reality of the Afghan ‘kid’ refugee aged 22 really isn’t … The sham story just makes it all the more difficult to believe genuine refugees”.

See what he did? The refugee wasn’t just alleged to be older than 16, the doubt was removed, and his story declared a sham. And it gets worse: “The ‘war refugee’ is Haris Stanikzai who three years ago enrolled at Jahan private university in Kabul to study economics and accountancy”. NOT EVEN YOUR OWN PAPER CLAIMS THAT.

It gets worse: “There’s loads of stuff that doesn’t add up and Stanikzai didn’t help himself by changing his name on Facebook to Ahmad Khan as soon as The Sunday Times began investigating”. There’s loads of stuff that doesn’t add up. Kel says it’s dodgy, so it becomes fact. And worse still: “If it’s all kosher what has he to hide?” With malicious liars like Kel in the vicinity, he has good reason to be cautious, that’s what.

There is more. “We are not an uncaring nation but we are not fools. The Stanikzais of this world make it more difficult to believe the ­genuine innocents”. No, we are not fools, but Kelvin McFilth is taking his readers for fools by indulging in evidence-free incitement, safe in the knowledge that the family he is attacking, who run a pizza takeaway, do not have the means to take the Murdoch mafiosi to the cleaners for defaming them.

By taking allegations and turning them into facts - something his own paper’s initial article could not manage - Kel has driven a coach and horses through the IPSO Editor’s Code. They ought to throw the book at him without waiting for a complaint to come in. But Kel and his Sun pals know that IPSO is a toothless sham press regulator that will not raise a finger, even if the family complain. They are the little people. And brown people, too.

Not that Kelvin McFilth is a racist bigot, of course. Or an Islamophobic rabble-rouser. Who has been given carte blanche to practice racial and religious incitement with no fear of comeback. No, he’s pure as the driven snow. And if you believe that, you’ll believe anything.

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