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Thursday 13 October 2016

Lily Allen Abuse Is Out Of Order

Singer Lily Allen regularly takes time out from her day job to volunteer. I have to point this out just to show that the malicious characterisation of such people as “Liberal Luvvies” by the cheaper end of the Fourth Estate does not even tell part of the story. Ms Allen also pays her taxes - in this country - and her children attend state schools. On top of that, she works hard at her music and keeps lots of other people in employment.
Lily Allen

What’s not to like? Ah, but that is to reckon without the hatred of the press for those who transgress. Ms Allen took the piss out of Rupert Murdoch, and then showed compassion for unaccompanied refugee children stuck in the “Jungle” camp near Calais.

This, for the Murdoch doggies at the Super Soaraway Currant Bun, was unforgivable. It was made worse when, in a video shown on the Victoria Derbyshire show, Ms Allen told a 13 year old refugee from Afghanistan that she was sorry on behalf of her country. The young man had admitted that he was illiterate: all he wanted to do when he got to the UK was to go to school. In those few words he shamed the tabloid press hate mob.

And that mob does not take kindly to being shown up for the cancer on journalism that it undoubtedly has become. So it was that Sun Says has rantedTHE Calais migrants were having a grim enough time even before Lily Allen showed up ‘to shine a light on the situation’ … Do these witless luvvies not read anything or watch the news?” Once again resorting to abuse - “Luvvies”. Always “Luvvies”. Meaningless and menacing.

There was more: “Half our celebs have already been out there [who? Wouldn’t be lying, would we?] The Home Secretary is poised to pluck ­hundreds of vulnerable kids to safety [when did that get agreed? Most folks missed it] Lily wanted to shine a light, all right. On herself [that’s right, Murdoch doggies, it must be self publicity]”.

That’s why she didn’t stay at home, of course. But a mere editorial was not enough - there had to be at least one attack piece. “LILY'S CROCODILE TEARS FOR MIGRANTS Maybe they could stay in your lovely £2million pad?” sneered the headline, before adding “Outrage sparked as singer 'apologies on behalf of the UK' to migrants while visiting Calais refugee camp”. No evidence of outrage was provided (as usual).

But readers were told “POP luvvie Lily Allen caused fury yesterday after ‘apologising’ for Britain’s treatment of migrants”. Again “Luvvies”. It’s only “Luvvies”. And there was more. “The singer took it upon herself to say sorry ‘on behalf of my country’ to an Afghan teen trying to reach the UK … Lily, 31, who lives in a £2million home in trendy Notting Hill, wept as she told him: ‘I’m sorry for what we put you through’”. Why was this wrong?

Critics accused the star, whose last UK chart entry was number 93 in 2014, of trying to boost her flagging career”. Like who, exactly? “Colonel Richard Kemp”. Ex-Army rent-a-quote again. And what did he say? “I find it enormously insulting”. Yeah, right. And the Sun justifies its attack by claiming “The lad, who claimed to be 13 but looked far older”.

When you’ve found yourselves caught between the Taliban and ISIS, Sun clowns, you might grow up a bit quickly. But thanks for confirming the hatred of the Metropolitan Media establishment towards those who care about others. Well done Lily Allen. And shame on the Murdoch empire and all those who suck at its poisoned teat


A Kelly said...

I am part of a team that assists the people of the Calais "Jungle". Lily Allen is just a bandwagon jumper who with her antics has given the tabloids and the Jeremy Vine show an excuse to give them another good slagging off. Works hard at her music? Keeps a lot of people in employment? And what voluntary work does she do?

A Kelly said...

Just another point- her children are aged four and three, not old enough to go to school.

RDT said...

Her eldest child would have started school this September being born in November 2011.

A Kelly said...

A November child will start school in January.

RDT said...

Start school in September but can wait till January.

Anonymous said...

I found the BBC's coverage interesting.
"The life of a celebrity is perhaps more removed than most from the squalid conditions those in the camps face.This is something Allen is keen to address -if only for a short while -as she prepares to head to the Jungle."
If only for a short while?