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Sunday 16 October 2016

Sun Brexit Desperation Is OTT

It was no coincidence that the loathsome Toby Young used his latest otherwise inexplicable appearance on The Andy Marr Show (tm) to ingratiate himself with the Murdoch press by working the Mot Du JourRemoaners” into the paper review. Thus he not only promoted the latest Europhobe buzzword, but ensured his future presence in the Sun, and therefore More And Bigger Paycheques For Himself Personally Now.
This one word symbolises the desperation of the Murdoch press - remember Rupe’s explanation of his EU hatred, “When I go into Downing Street, they do what I say; when I go to Brussels, they take no notice” - to frighten its readers into accepting what Creepy Uncle Rupe wants, and ignore the real world. Toby Young has done us all a service, reminding those who do not share Murdoch’s thoughts of the name of his game.

And that desperation is on full view in the Sun, where a succession of pundits has been lined up to do Rupe’s bidding. Rod Liddle - who was once a member of the Labour Party, not that you’d know it - was typical: “The zombie hordes of Remain voters - the Bremoaners - who either can’t come to grips with the fact that we voted out or have forgotten that it happened … And they are demanding that regardless of what the people want, Parliament should debate how and when and even if we leave”.

Remoaners. Bremoaners. They’re only complaining about democracy, right? I mean, Parliament, what’s that about? James Forsyth was also having none of it: “PM Theresa May must stop Remoaner Hammond’s customs union fantasy and focus on Britain’s post-Brexit future”. Remoaner. Moaning. Talking Britain down, not like Don Rupioni.

The hysteria is maintained today as an editorial shows just how detached the inmates of the Baby Shard bunker are from reality: “IN the three months since she became PM, Theresa May has already transformed politics. She’s set out a distinct vision”. She’s done not unadjacent to Jack Shit. And Jeremy Corbyn just bested her at PMQs. Again.

But on it drones: “Theresa May needs to put Remoaners who won’t accept Brexit verdict back in their box … The Remoaners are going to do everything they can to frustrate Mrs May’s determination that Brexit really will mean Brexit … the Remoaners who refuse to accept the verdict of the referendum need to be put back in their box”. Remoaners. Remoaners. Remoaners. Do as you’re told, listen to your real boss.

The three-line whip had been extended to embittered has-been Tony Parsons, who has, surprise, surprise, told readersUnilever is no different to George Osborne, Nick Clegg, Ed Miliband and all the other embittered Remoaners who can’t get their heads around Brexit vote”, defiantly adding “The Remoaners can whine, they can bleat and they can even try to put up the price of ­Marmite” before building to the final Murdoch-dictated crescendo.

We are getting very sick of ­embittered Remoaners wagging their fingers in our faces … We are sick of sore losers rejoicing in any scrap of bad news … We are sick of Brexit deniers talking this country down. Remoaners - shut your mouth”. Next week he’ll fight them on the beaches, providing it doesn’t affect his bank balance

Thanks, Meathead, but we’ll keep on telling you what shape the real world is. It ain’t flat, and democracy means we can say what we like. Get used to it, Murdoch goons.


rob said...

"Remoaners - shut your mouth"

Don't remember him shouting down the "Tory bastards" in the Major government for not making the most of being in the EU as voted for by the UK public?

As Gary Neville(sorry Anon another fotball analogy) might say the UK has been sold the English pass ie. not particularly well controlled or accurate in finesse.

We seem to be desperately short of leaders all over the place. Our present bunch are being taken advantage of by anyone with a bit of money to spare able to subvert the system.

Arnold said...

"PETER HITCHENS: The falling pound is NOTHING to do with your vote for freedom"
Denial. I wonder how lng it will take Brexiters to reach the fifth stage of grief and accept that they've really screwed up the UK.

Stephen said...

None of these people seem to understand the concept of the Bad Winner.

pete c said...

And, surprise surprise, none of them can accept that a mere 25% of the population (37% of the electorate) have pushed us into this mess.

They have no sound case to argue at all, until they call for a re-run of the vote but with compulsory voting by all those eligible.

And they can stop crowing about BBC bias - they had Newton-Dunn and Hartley-Brewer on with Andrew Neil this morning.

Nice though, that we have these tossers so thoroughly rattled that they are prepared to argue against democratic representation to get their own way.

So, in words of (mostly) one syllable, for the hard of understanding - The Vote Was Opinion Seeking, Not One For A Mandatory Next Move.

foxytom said...

I, for one, "can't get [my] head around" the fact that these people (whom I plan to see next Tuesday) have messed up my child's future.

rob said...

I'll just leave this one here: (from Twitter account of Tory councillor)

"Christian Holliday

Please sign my petition to make supporting EU membership an offence after we leave:https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/168882 … #Brexit #Article50"

Darren said...

I'm a Remoaner? Toby Young is a Bridiot. (Although my phone suggested pillock.)