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Thursday 29 January 2015

Mumsnet Confirms Toby Young Bellend Status

Since it emerged that the Sun has done away with Page 3, plenty of feminists have popped up to claim that there’s a direct link between the ‘objectification’ of the female form and violent assaults against women, including rape. But there’s no evidence of this”, pontificated the loathsome Toby Young last week. “The idea that we’re in the midst of a rape epidemic somehow caused by ‘everyday sexism’ is a myth”.
Tobes remains stuck in the Weinbunker

The post, titled with appropriate pretentiousnessJe suis Page 3” (see, it’s about free speech and it’s only a bit of fun, innit?!?), was followed with the equally mirth-inducingWas it us wot won Page 3 back?” later, where Tobes proudly told that he must be right because he was on the same page as Brendan O’Neill. Seriously. But over at Mumsnet Towers, contributors were not at all happy about his outpourings.

After all, Tobes is supposed to be some kind of exemplar (no, don’t laugh) to youngsters in his role as champion of Free Schools, and in particular the West London Free School (WLFS), of which Trust he claims to be the CEO. The forum, which boasts the strapline “by parents for parentshas been running a thread titledWest London Free School founder Toby Young spectacularly misses the point on Page 3”.

And it kicks off as it means to go on: “I am staggered that there hasn't been more of a reaction to this ridiculous piece in The Spectator … If I was a parent at WLFS I would be v. tempted to move my child on the basis of these views. Depressing in the extreme”. Another contributor told “It's not that we want to spoil fun, or that we're repressed or lecturing. It's that we don't like being objectified, having sexually explicit pictures of just one sex in the pages of a newspaper is clearly wrong”.

Others were yet more direct “It's Toby Young. I have yet to read anything written by him that doesn't make me want to bang my head repeatedly on the floor and pull out my own hair … I'm not reading the link as Toby Young is a twat … He is an odious little man … I wonder what the board of governors makes of his comments”. Listening, Tobes?

It seems he was: what looked very much like a Tobes sockpuppet was duly ridiculed. And one poster made this worrying observation: “He is also trying to turn ‘his high school’ West London Free School, into a pseudo private school by giving preferential places to children who go to the 2 associated primary schools (60 places), pretty much removing it as an option for most other children in the borough & creating an 'elite' publicly funded school”.

You can see the letter detailing that mildly controversial step HERE. Meanwhile, while some men might have stopped and thought after being given such a drubbing, Tobes will almost certainly not do so. He is not known as Captain Bellend for nothing. All that his leering over topless photos in the Sun will do - sorry, Tobes, but quoting Orwell doesn’t take it anywhere upmarket - is to confirm that status.

Yes, Captain Bellend really is s bellend. And he won’t be saying sorry to Mumsnet.

1 comment:

Shawlrat said...

How anyone falls for the guff put out by this pseudo - intellectual poseur is beyond me.

So he's seriously implying to the female students at WLFS that it's OK to aspire to earn a living by appearing as a model on page 3. Quite how this fits in with the academic ethos of the school he created I don't understand.