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Thursday 8 January 2015

Charlie Hebdo - Bring On The Bigots

Ten journalists and two Police officers getting murdered in Paris yesterday was, for some people, never going to be just something to report, and on which to reflect. No, some had to use the killings to advance their view of the world. And for those out there on the right, that view is to paint what happened as the fault of all who follow The Prophet, with a side order of smearing slebs and the mythical “liberal elite”, or whatever it’s called this week.
Painting Islam as some kind of “otherness”, rather than saying that yesterday’s attacks were the work of two or three individuals who claimed to be doing their deeds in the name of Islam - which is something rather different - could lead to Very Bad Things. So, while some have no problem dumping on all those Scary Muslims, others just remain on the periphery, perhaps prodding anyone with a Qur’an.
One of the first category, to no surprise at all is Douglas Murray, whose first intervention was short and to the point. “The same offer as always: ‘say my religion is peaceful or I will kill you’”. Exactly when was this ultimatum given? It was’t, but then, Doug Murray The K is the one who saidConditions for Muslims in Europe must be made harder across the board” and even advocated some demolition of mosques.
The taint of bigotry never leaves Murray. Elsewhere, James “saviour of Western civilisation” Delingpole, after his initial Tweeted expletive, had a prediction. “The Charlie Hebdo massacre will not dent the political class’s complacency one iota”. Not that’s he’s suggesting that anything should happen as a result of the shootings, you understand. He wouldn’t dream of it. After all, Del Boy is a libertarian.
But while Delingpole is saying nothing useful - no change there, then - good Catholic Cristina Odone demands “Please let us hear from Muslim leaders all over the world condemning this wicked massacre in the strongest terms”. And to which I call bullshit: did anyone demand that one prominent Christian stand up and condemn Anders Breivik? Ah, but Christians are always “lone wolves”, and Scary Muslims are “otherness”.
Sadly, the temptation to jump on the bigotry bandwagon has not prevented Damian Thompson, clueless pundit of no fixed hair appointment, and who, I have been reliably informed recently, is “one of the good guys”, from blaming slebs: “I’m assuming that freedom-defending celebrities with huge followings will Retweet Charlie Hebdo cartoons [Stephen Fry]”. Yes, it’s now Stephen Fry’s fault. Why? Who knows? And who cares?
But for a return to unvarnished bigotry, nobody smears better than the odious flannelled fool Henry Cole, tame gofer to the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines at the Guido Fawkes blog, who has told “Jews, Catholics, Muslims, white people, black people. Everyone attacked by Charlie Hebdo, yet who reacts like this?” Two or three armed thugs, unless you’re trying to smear the whole of Islam with the taint of “otherness”.

Would Master Cole do such a thing? Of course he would. He’s just another bigot.


SimonB said...

Of course, the people murdering journalists are the same as those who shoot abortionists or blow up government buildings: religious conservative extremists.

Anonymous said...

Of course, there is so much worse in bigotry


Mr Right Wing said...

'Painting Islam as some kind of “otherness”, rather than saying that yesterday’s attacks were the work of two or three individuals who claimed to be doing their deeds in the name of Islam - which is something rather different - could lead to Very Bad Things'.In coming out with this kind of insidious tripe you are utterly delusional and you know it. What about all the other countless barbarous terrorist acts carried out by jihadists in the name of Islam. As an unprincipled apologist for these fanatical religious nihilists you are truly sick in the head.

Tim Fenton said...


Good morning Master Cole.

Don't let the door hit you on the way out, eh? And try to post under your own name another time.

SteveB said...

The concept of a couple of armed men walking into a building and shooting everyone present because they had differences of opinions is not new - the Christian Terrorists of Ulster did it many times. But no-one in the west ever used the phrase Christian Terrorist. It would simply be said that those people were unrepresentative. Personally even then I would have said they were nutters rather than tag them to whichever Christian sect they claimed to follow. And before them there were the Jewish Terrorists who committed attrocities like the King David Hotel attack. The phrase Jewish Terrorists doesn't get used much either.

When the media and politicos use phrases that involve Islam it gives this latest batch of nutters a feeling that their actions are recognised as Islamic.

If newspapers ran front page headlines of "Nutter shoots Policewoman" or "Psycopaths massacre Journalists" it would not only be closer to the truth but would undermine their cause. Unfortunately much of the media is more interested in using events to suit their own political agendas rather than just reporting facts.

Organic cheeseboard said...

Dunno where Harry Cole got that set of covers from but the one with the grotesque caricature of a Jew, entitled "Shoah Hebdo", is not a copy of the magazine but rather a spoof made by someone else, someone who I think is pretty much a proper antisemite. The mag did after all fire someone for antisemitism.

Also it's always worth mentioning with regards to Murray that he is an actual racist, believing anyone in Britain who is non-White "foreign". His solutions to the "problem of islamism", in which he is a self-appointed expert, all involve racist discrimination and would solve nothing.

Mr Right Wing said...

Mr Fenton - I haven't a clue who "Master Cole" is - I've never heard of him. In making this evidence free accusation you confirm that you are indeed seriously delusional. A word of advice - you should think carefully before coming out with your nauseating apology for Islamic inspired terrorism.

With regard to SteveB comment these jihadists didn't walk into Charlie Hebdo's office because they had "differences of opinion". They carried out their act because their prophet had been insulted and the penalty for that under Islam is death. They are therefore self appointed jihadists enforcing Islamic law.

Both sides in the Ulster conflict were Christians, their terrorism was sectarian.To call them Christian terrorists would be to miss that distinction, although I agree both sides were clearly terrorists motivated by the Christian religion. The people who carried out the King David hotel bombing considered themselves to be Zionists, I believe.

Tim Fenton said...


Hello again Master Cole.

Do stop pretending you're someone else. The shonky grammar, iffy punctuation, and the forms of words used, are a dead giveaway.

Why don't you run along and find a more creative way to waste other peoples' time?