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Friday 30 January 2015

Miliband Speech - Press Scared Of Reporting It

Yesterday evening, Mil The Younger “was the keynote speaker at the second annual Westminster political correspondent's dinner – Britain's version of the White House correspondents' dinner – and delivered a speech heavy with self-deprecation”. That much the Telegraph will tell its readers. But most of the content has been lost in the laundry. What the Tel was too frightened of telling is most interesting.
The HuffPost UK noted the more serious stuff: “Miliband also made a serious plea to the media to concentrate on the ‘issues’ at stake in the upcoming general election and not question the motives of politicians competing for power. He said the parties were made up of people who entered politics for ‘right reasons’ - regardless of their affiliation”. That failed to get into the Tel’s report. Nor did its follow-up.

‘You will shape this election too,’ he said. ‘And my only request is that you do your bit too to try and make this election about the issues, choices and beliefs that matter to the country as well. One of the biggest enemies of politics is cynicism, the belief that we are all in it for base motives. Agree with us or disagree with us, but report us for what we believe. This is all we can ask for.’” The Tel denied his request.

On the Mail On Sunday’s preposterous story about him keeping the 2008 crashsecret”, he told “I’m apparently ‘Mystic Mili’ because I kept the global financial crisis from everyone but I choose to reveal to only one person - not the head of the World Bank or the IMF or the governor of the Bank of England. No, instead someone at the epicentre of the global financial system - the mayor of Doncaster himself”. In BuzzFeed, but not the Tel.

And, on the MoS’ ludicrous claim that he game someone a “Muslim prayer mat”, he made light of that, too: “This atheist Jew confesses tonight to being a secret Muslim. I was wondering, where have I heard that before about a political leader? I think Donald Trump is available to go in search of my birth certificate and prove where I was really born”. And not a word of that got into the Telegraph, either.

Nor did the Hampstead Heath joke: “I went to Parliament Hill with my two boys. I was actually looking for Gareth at the time. I thought he might have a couple of pages of my conference speech … I met another man with a large dog. It was really odd actually because he stopped me and he started talking to me quite intensely about politics, the weather, Europe, statins, Princess Diana. I thought to myself - hang on a minute, I know you - you’re Richard Desmond”. No mention of Dirty Des in the Tel.

No, nothing about Miliband asking the press to cover the issues and maybe tone down the cynicism. Nothing about newspaper owners. Nothing about the made-up stories. Nothing about the bonkers Muslim references. And no more than a hint about his being able to deliver a speech that shows he doesn’t take himself too seriously.

Anyone would think the Telegraph has an agenda. Which they have. No change there.


Brian Moylan said...

Oh they do that. http://bit.ly/ukteaparty3.

Rivo said...

The papers can't possibly print all that. Politicians need to be reduced to 2-dimensional stereotypes so that the proles know who to vote for.
Hence Ed is a bumbling, awkward weirdo
Boris is a harmless old bluffer
Nigel likes a pint and a smoke, and is an ordinary blokey bloke bloke bloke
And so on.
Anything that contradicts the roles that the Newspapers have decided each politician is to play must be avoided at all costs

Unknown said...

These are good gags. Not reporting them is a crime. Well done for reproducing them.

It is good newspapers do not have the power they did.

Max said...

I see The Mail has now provided a very tendentious account of EM's speech in order to justify the Winter 'revelations'. I hope you will respond in kind!