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Sunday 6 February 2011

Jezza And The Foot In Mouth Habit

The overmonied trio of presenters who bring Top Gear to BBC2 are in hot water once more. No-one should be surprised. Making what they claim to be politically incorrect comments is the show’s stock in trade, and while it may precipitate raucous laughter in the studio, does not always go down well outside.

And, although I commend Jeremy Clarkson for decking appalling toady Piers “Morgan” Moron, his comments about the citizens of Mexico were out of order, and he should admit it – not the BBC. But those comments were not unexpected.

When Rover’s Longbridge plant ceased production almost six years ago, Clarkson’s first reaction was to think “good”. He then went on Top Gear and made great fun out of a Rover badge which had been re-styled to read “Over” (geddit?!?). This may not have gone down too well with the 6,500 people who lost their jobs.

Yes, Jezza later sympathised with them, but it was too little, too late. After all, this is the presenter who thought it was OK to make jokes about lorry drivers murdering prostitutes, which, if he’s got any sense, he won’t reprise if he visits West Yorkshire any time soon.

Mainly because Peter Sutcliffe was a lorry driver.

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