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Friday 11 February 2011

Beck Barking On

As I posted a few days ago, it was time for Hosni Mubarak to go, and to the relief of most Egyptian citizens, most of whom would rather he had gone earlier, he has now bowed to the inevitable.

Into the void, hopefully only for an interim period, has come the Egyptian military. But what of the future? For many, this will be the source of much debate, but to one commentator, there is no doubt that the uprising centred on Cairo is the start of something much more sinister and threatening.

Yes, the word has come from the increasingly wayward Glenn Beck, “star” of Fox News Channel (fair and balanced my arse): what is happening in Egypt is the beginning of a “New World Order”, brought about by an alliance of Communists and Islamic Fundamentalists.

From this alliance will – according to Beck – come the spread of an Islamic caliphate covering much of the Middle East. It will be frightening, because, well, it will be Islamic, and that means frightening where Beck is concerned.

And if you don’t like the great man’s judgment, then you can, as he puts it, “go to hell”. Only on Fox.

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