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Thursday 17 February 2011

Beck Barks At Google

Do you have a problem with Google? You may not think the organisation particularly threatening, and I certainly don’t, but mention of the G-word is unsettling the increasingly wayward Glenn Beck, “star” of Fox News Channel (fair and balanced my arse).

Beck is worried about Google’s association with a number of groups and individuals that he has previously demonised on his show: the company’s former CEO has shared a platform with George Soros, whom Beck has accused of a litany of crimes, including involvement in the Holocaust.

Google’s charitable work has also fallen foul of the Beck check: he has managed to find a tie-up with the Tides Foundation, another regular target. And what he isn’t about to let slip is that, following a media diet heavy in the Beckster’s rantings, one Byron Williams set out to kill Tides’ head people.

Not only that, but Williams confessed his admiration for Beck to a local reporter, after he had been detained following a gun battle with the police on Interstate 580. But Beck is more than willing to smear Tides, and a variety of other organisations he doesn’t like, as “far left”, although being far to the left of Fox and Beck may not look so radical to others.

And just to round things off, he clearly leaves the impression that Google are messing with folks' privacy, and they are somehow involved in US foreign policy. Can the conspiracy theory be far behind?

Be afraid, Fox viewers, be afraid, even of your PC.

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