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Saturday 19 February 2011

Jealousy Meets Hypocrisy

One of the USPs of the Daily Mail is its ability to implant the feeling of jealous rage in its target demographic, the idea that someone else is doing better than you, although by inference they don’t really deserve it. And it’s no coincidence that those “doing better” invariably work for some part of Government, or the Mail’s most hated media outlet the BBC.

So today’s shock horror splash from the legendarily foul mouthed Paul Dacre’s obedient hackery, targeting Andrew Marr (who hasn’t exactly hit it off with the blogosphere of late), should come as no surprise. It seems that Marr’s pay advice (note to Mail hacks: freelances aren’t on the payroll and so don’t get payslips) was misdirected and opened by someone else. From the information on that advice, Dacre’s finest have reckoned that Marr is on 600k a year.

But just the one big number is not enough: for the Beeb’s nose to be properly rubbed in the dirt, another “name” has to be excoriated. Thus we also learn that hosting The Inquisition Of Pax Jeremiah is worth 800k a year to Paxo. At this point, Mail readers are no doubt expected to be truly enraged at seeing their money expended on these presenters whose shows they pretend never to watch.

The thought may not occur to those readers that they have also paid over their paper money to fund the trousering of wads on a far more generous scale than that seen at Auntie. It’s not too difficult to find two counter examples from the Mail: for starters, there’s Fat Dick Littlejohn, reckoned to be closing on a round million a year, just for recycling his minimally researched rantings with their feeble “jokes”.

And the Beeb’s finest are not even close to the remuneration package of Dacre himself, now revised upwards to a colossal 2.8 million a year – every year. Proof that there’s money aplenty in effing and blinding.

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