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Monday 7 January 2019


As the genuine Gilets Jaunes protests in France continued for another weekend, so their pale imitation, an excuse for a bit of afters dreamed up by far-right wannabes in the UK, had another go at getting itself noticed. The problem for the rump of the formerly half-organised political party known as UKIP is that one of its leader’s sidekicks did indeed get himself noticed, and for all the wrong reasons.
Gerard Batten at left, Daniel Thomas at right

As the less than overwhelming numbers gathered in central London, one onlooker videoed the Wall Of Gammon™ as it confronted a line of Police officers. One figure can be clearly seen singling out the sole WPC in the line and deliberately goading and threatening her. His name is Daniel Thomas; he was at the table with Adolf von Batten when the latest UKIP anti-Brexit deal demonstration was being planned.

As can be seen in the photo, Batten is at the head of the Kipper table. To his left is Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, and to Lennon’s left is Thomas, who styles himself Danny Tommo. It gets worse for UKIP: Thomas is, like Lennon, in possession of a criminal record, which includes in his case being sent down for an armed kidnapping attempt that descended into farce.

Thomas and two others arrived at a house in Hayling Island, Portsmouth, armed with knives and intent on kidnapping the occupant. Not only did they fail to do so after their target resisted, they had got the wrong man in the first place. Thomas was handed a two year stretch for his involvement in this particular brains trust.
Thomas caught threatening a WPC ...

So not only is UKIP involving convicted criminals in its organisation, one of them has been caught on camera threatening Police. And it gets worse: Thomas, by his own admission, then got himself arrested during Saturday’s protest. That incident was also caught on video: Thomas can be seen being spoken to by an officer who is clearly telling him he doesn’t have to say anything, but … And then he admits his arrest.

As befits someone who tried to kidnap the wrong man and failed, Thomas uses his own megaphone to broadcast to the crowd that he’s “being arrested”. So what has Adolf von Batten had to say about that? Nothing. Not a peep. Instead, he’s telling his followers to “look over there” at last month’s anti-Brexit deal protest, claiming that his march was peaceful and the counter protest was violent. Yeah, right.
... and then getting himself nicked

What the UKIP leader can’t bring himself to admit publicly is that he has allied himself with a rabble of thugs whose modus operandi includes threatening Policewomen, encouraging violent protest, and then getting themselves nicked. It’s a kind of amateur version of the Nazi Sturmabteilung without the uniforms or the discipline.

All of which explains why so many of UKIP’s MEPs - including Nigel “Thirsty” Farage - have left the party. Class clown Daniel Thomas shows what the Kippers have become.

UKIP is no longer a credible political party. Let that sink in, as they say.
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J said...

The arrest was from an earlier protest, Oct.

J said...

That said, he's still a violent criminal thug with a record.

Arnold said...

"UKIP is no longer a credible political party". When was it?