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Friday 18 January 2019

UKIP Leader Facing Press Ridicule

Although the party is languishing in the polls, and its leader’s obsession with the far-right is bringing it little more than ridicule, the rump of saloon bar propper-uppers otherwise known as UKIP is about to hit the news stands in a way which is already causing that leader considerable discomfort. Because it’s all about him.
I em not a racialist but, und zis is a big but ...

The inmates of the Northcliffe House bunker - whether the paper concerned is the Daily Mail or Mail on Sunday is not yet clear - clearly do not have enough on their collective plates with Brexit. So they have decided to delve into the wacky world of Adolf von Batten, and what they have found there has been deemed newsworthy enough for it to be given significant prominence in a weekend edition of one of the two titles.

Exactly what the Mail titles may have in mind was outlined by John O’Connell of Far Right Watch, who told his followers “The Daily Mail or Mail on Sunday, or both, have a take-down prepared on #Ukip's @GerrardBatten for this weekend. We hear there's lots of new stuff, including criminality. Expect #Ukip head implosions and tantrums galore”. Criminality? Some may be surprised. They should not be.
It has been put to me on more than one occasion that Batten’s links to bent coppers are long-standing and potentially damaging to at least one Police force. It has also been put to me that he has been able to use these links to damage his rivals and keep the heat off himself. What Batten may not know is that the press also does links to bent coppers, and has done for decades. Why d’you think phone hacking nearly got covered up?

The Met knew it had enough evidence to sink the Murdoch empire. It pretended it didn’t. The Murdoch mafiosi was well in with the Met. They were not the only ones in the press pack to be so favoured. Anyone who thinks their Police contacts trump those of the press establishment is not dealing from a full deck.
So how has Batten reacted to the impending defenestration by the Rothermere goons? Simples. The idiot has admitted it’s on its way. “Not content with sending a ‘journalist’ thousands of miles to harass my wife’s family in the Philippines last week the Daily Mail has sent our Party Chairman a bunch of ludicrous questions about me. They plan more hatchet jobs. Not once have they ever asked me about Brexit”.

Ask yourselves why the Mail should dispatch someone to the Philippines. Clue: it’s not for the purposes of bringing the readers a heartwarming story of love across the national, and indeed racial, divide. Gerard Batten is about to be exposed and ridiculed big time, and there is nothing he can do about it. Except rant about the hated MSM.
If there is nothing in the Mail’s exposé, then he has nothing to worry about, and the story will die a death. If there is, UKIP will become even more of a laughing stock. And if he gets defamed in the process, well, tough titty Adolf. You and your pals don’t fret when you’re all doling that out to anyone else. What’s sauce for the goose, and all that.

Gerard Batten is about to follow Paul Nuttall into becoming the comedy leader of a comedy political party. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving bigot.
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Andy McDonald said...

To paraphrase Billy Connolly, what is it about UKIP leaders and their young trophy partners...?

Anonymous said...

Batten, like Trump, is an enemy because he's too obvious.

Our far right ruling oligarchy doesn't like that, particularly if such activities might, just might, draw off enough votes in a finely balanced election. Think Wallace in the USA presidential election without the assassination attempt.