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Tuesday 8 January 2019

Katie Hopkins DROPPED By Rebel Media

Once upon a time, pro-am motormouth Katie Hopkins had the media world at her feet. She had a Sunday column in the Murdoch Sun, a show on LBC, was an occasional fixture on daytime TV, and had made two appearances on the BBC’s Question Time. The former Apprentice contestant - one hesitates to use the term “star” - was riding high. Then came a fall entirely of her own making. And that fall continues in no style at all.
Viewers may still want to look away now

Hatey Katie referred to desperate refugees crossing the Mediterranean on inflatable boats as “cockroaches”. She endorsed Generation Identity - stylish and modern, but still a shower of neo-Nazis. She lost her Sun column and decamped to Mail Online, where she landed them with more than one huge legal bill for defaming her targets. Then she defamed writer and campaigner Jack Monroe.

That faux pas lost her the LBC show, and yet more income. The costs for her failed defence of Mx Monroe’s legal action meant selling the family home and downsizing. She lost her Mail Online column. But Ms Hopkins was rescued by Ezra Levant’s Rebel Media outfit, for whom she enthusiastically produced lots of “Hopkins World” videos.

Sadly, though, she has been unable even to hold on to a berth at Rebel Media, as Right Wing Watch has explained: “The Canadian far-right web network, The Rebel, and racist media personality Katie Hopkins appear to have parted ways months ago. Neither Hopkins nor The Rebel have made announcements regarding Hopkins’ departure”.

There was more. “Hopkins joined The Rebel at the start of 2018, where she spent months producing columns and video segments for the web platform that largely revolved around fear-mongering about immigrants and advancing racist and white nationalist tropes”. She scored visits to Canada and South Africa. But all that appears to be over.
The Rebel has not uploaded a video featuring Hopkins since October. Hopkins no longer appears on The Rebel’s staff list on the website’s ‘about us’ page and is also not mentioned by name in The Rebel’s 2018 annual report. However, Rebel ‘Commander’ Ezra Levant described Hopkins as one of ‘our own’ as recently as November 10. Episodes of Hopkins’ Rebel.media show have been moved into the site’s archives”.

So what has happened? “Right Wing Watch reached out to The Rebel and Hopkins for comment but did not receive responses”. Anyone scanning the Hopkins Twitter feed can see the regular upload of video content - and also see the Hopkins World banner - but none of those videos come with the Rebel Media mark. It’s over.

Why has she not let the world know? Two things here. One, Hatey Katie has form for not telling her audience her personal bad news, so she did not let her followers know that Mail Online had binned her column, and nor did she mention her Individual Voluntary Arrangement reached to stave off personal bankruptcy. And two, as Right Wing Watch has pointed out, “Vice News reported in 2017 that ‘[Ezra] Levant requires Rebel employees to sign strict non-disclosure agreements and has a history of being litigious.’

Katie Hopkins has taken another step towards media oblivion. Just rejoice at that news.
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Anonymous said...

Thank you for making this site. I've just discovered it but I absolutely love it

Anonymous said...

I can't be the only one who laughed my head off at "...the media world at her feet."

Because that is the exact level Hopkins (and most "news" media) operates at.

Quite often Hopkins gets even lower - into the sewer in fact.

The woman is a danger to civilised decency.

Unknown said...

I love Katie she always tells the truth.

Anonymous said...

Why when writing about her globe trotting for rebel did you miss out visits to Isreal? Where she made extensive islamaphobic content..

Unknown said...

Just because you agree with her does not in any way make her words or actions truthful.