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Sunday 20 January 2019

Raheem Kassam Fails History 101

A man, as Harry Callahan observed in Magnum Force, has to know his limitations. Sadly, not all out there on the right have learnt the words of wisdom whispered by one of the right’s favourite fictional cops. So it is that the terminally clueless Raheem “call me Ray” Kassam decided he felt lucky, only to end up shooting himself in the foot.
This image says one thing - and that thing is IDIOT

Kassam has once again been indulging in one of his favourite pastimes - bullying, goading and instigating pile-ons via Twitter. His problem is that in order to do this with a modicum of success, one needs some measure of actual knowledge in the subject under discussion. And knowledge is one of those concepts he finds particularly challenging.
After he told his adoring followers “The left are mass reporting all my accounts today. Clearly an organised campaign. I'll probably be suspended soon. Oh, well”, James Melville expressed little sympathy. “Well, you reap what you sow. You posted a targeted Facebook status update against me that was linked towards an old business account of mine. I then received numerous abusive comments from your followers on this business account that forced me to suspend my account”. Out of order, Ray. You’ve no complaints.
Fortunately, Melville concluded “After being subjected to a pile-on of abuse from the followers of @RaheemKassam after he posted a Facebook status update against me, I questioned whether I should stay on social media. After reflecting, I’ve decided to stay on social media. I won’t be bullied away from it”. This was welcomed, but not by Kassam.
No one's ‘bullying’ you. You're supposed to be a GROWN MAN. You called Brexit voters ‘slugs’ and then RAN AWAY from social media so you wouldn't have to deal with their objections. I'd hate to have to storm Normandy next to you. #Coward”. “Storm Normandy?” Kassam couldn’t storm his way out of a paper bag.
But the cluelessness was only just starting. After Melville had cautioned “Please try and stay respectful”, he noticed that Kassam had depicted Winshton as a yellow vest protester, and so added “You do realise that Winston Churchill stood up to and eventually defeated right-wing extremism?” Our wartime PM was hardly another James Goddard.
Kassam took this as the cue to mount his intellectual high horse, which in reality is not very high at all. ”Lol now this guy who had a meltdown yesterday is going through my feed picking out tweets he thinks he can argue with. Churchill defeated imperialistic (opposite of nationalist) National Socialism (opposite of right wing) which wanted a united Europe under Germany (EU)”. Where do we start with that idiocy?
Nazi Germany was indeed Nationalistic. It was also far-right. It had zero relationship to the EU. To believe otherwise requires a stratospheric level of delusion, but then, Kassam did spend some time at the convocation of the terminally batshit otherwise known as Breitbart.
Melville tried to point out the error of his ways. “Raheem, please try and stay respectful when you reply to me. Also - Hitler and the Nazis were fascists. They were right-wing extremists”. The response showed a complete departure from reality.
Fascism is an ideology. Conservatism is a philosophy. There's your first problem in attempting to link the two. Fascism concerned itself with a corporate-state nexus (like socialism, and indeed our current pro-EU system does). Your understanding of philosophy is poor”. Let’s take this nice and slowly. One, he wasn’t trying to link Fascism and Conservatism. Conservatism was not even being discussed. Two, fascism is not socialism, and “call me Ray” needs to mug up on Corporatism. Three, there is no such thing as a “pro-EU” system. If he means one that adheres to EU rules, he should say so.
And Four, philosophy was also not under discussion. But it sounds really cool to those who substitute bluster and abuse for intellectual prowess.

Whoever might that mean? You might wish to ask that. I couldn’t possibly comment.
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Unknown said...

The Nazi's were socialists in much the same way as the Democratic People's Republic of Korea are democratic.

Anonymous said...

Kassam "storming Normandy beaches"?......What images that conjures!

Wehrmacht defenders would fall about laughing - before swatting the stupid gett like a dying fat bluebottle.

What a know-nothing moron.