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Tuesday 22 January 2019

Tory MP Boasts About Act Of Treason

We have seen some pretty strong headlines in the press recently whenever the issue of Britain’s relationship with the EU is concerned. From “ENEMIES OF THE PEOPLE” to “CRUSH THE SABOTEURS”, anyone deemed to be insufficiently loyal to the Crown - well, that version of the Crown as defined by those who scrabble around the dunghill that is Grubstreet - has been rounded on and denounced by our free and fearless press.
Daniel Kawczynski - unwise move

So one can only wonder what denunciation is in store for Shrewsbury’s Tory representative Daniel Kawczynski, who has most unwisely not only committed an act of treason against the Crown, he has boasted openly about his deed. Yet he still remains a Tory MP, with no calls as yet for him to be carted off to the Tower of London.
What has The Great Man done to warrant the charge of treason? Simples. In his own words, “Any attempts by Remainer MPs to delay or obstruct #Brexit must be opposed. Today I have formally asked Polish Government to veto any motions by EU to allow extension of Article 50. We are leaving 11pm on March 29th as promised”. He has gone in to bat for a foreign power. That should see him chucked out of the Commons.
Mike Vine was unimpressed, and was also not alone. “We are now at the point where a serving MP openly boasts about working with a foreign government (a pretty extreme right wing one at that) against the interests of this country! Surely there must a word for such activities with associated legal sanctions!” There was more.
Fionna O’Leary was thinking along similar lines. “Now think hard about what you have just done. Gone behind the Government and Parliament’s back, and without permission, to ask a Foreign Country to make a decision that Parliament considers harmful to this country’s interests. What would that normally be labelled, do you think?” And more.
Chris Kendall got a little warmer when he asked “Is there a word for asking a foreign government to intervene to block the UK's sovereign parliament from acting in the national interest?” Questions to which the answer is Yes. But I suspect he knew that anyway.
Ian Dunt may not have been impressed, but he was clearly not surprised. “Leaver MP lobbies a foreign power to undermine the stated will of the British parliament. Brexit's logical end point”. The referendum did not specify a leaving date, nor the style in which any exit from the EU took place. So yes, he is potentially undermining the will of the UK Parliament. And, as Ash James pointed out, saying so publicly was not wise.
This strikes me as a particularly unwise thing to publish internationally - i.e. admit that you have, without any formal permission approached a foreign state with the specific request to subvert UK Parliamentary sovereignty? You are aware of your responsibilities as an MP?” Quite. When he took his seat, Kawczynski swore an oath to the Crown. Had he failed to do so, he could not have taken his place in the Commons.
But, one suspects, he will not be harangued on the front page of the Daily Mail for that act of treason. After all, our free and fearless press still has an agenda to fulfil.
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Anonymous said...

Far right tory Kawcszynski has approached a far right racist Polish government to interfere in British politics.


Anybody would think it's 1939......

Steve Woods said...

I wonder if Daniel Kawczynski has got his Polish passport application in ready for when Brexit goes tits up.