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Tuesday 8 January 2019

Raheem Kassam Backs Harassment Of MPs

After widespread coverage of the harassment meted out yesterday by far-right racist grifter James Goddard, aimed at anyone in and around Westminster that was better-known than him, there was equally widespread condemnation of his behaviour, which included racially abusing a black Police officer. But somewhere out there on the right, one desperate seeker after attention decided that what Goddard and his pals had done was fine.
To no surprise at all, that source of desperation was Raheem “call me Ray” Kassam, no longer required at Breitbart, for whom the harassment and intimidation of both politicians and reporters was fine. So it was that he sneered “Oh dear it looks like after years of egging on antifa and the hard left, the likes of @OwenJones84 and his bud @KarlTurnerMP don't like the right using their tactics. Oh well!!! More to come”.
Egging on antifa and the hard left? False premise: the inevitable far right justification for bad behaviour is to claim antifa is a violent movement. We don’t see evidence, but hey ho. And “more to come” is threatening. So perhaps Ray would like to justify that, too. No? Thought not. Instead, there was more threatening, and abuse.
Liam Baxter was next in line for that. “Are you suggesting little OJ was intimidated? I didn't see any violence in the video. Careful about throwing around false accusations. That's defamatory. And no, protesting someone isn't terrorism. You little Stalinist, you”. Kassam threatened this blog with legal action a while back. It never happened. He’s a coward.
Still, onwards and, er, onwards, eh? “.@mikeysmith and @MirrorPolitics finally have their Geldof moment, sticking their fingers up at ordinary working class people. Bad for sales, guys”. Goddard is not an ordinary working class person. He isn’t working, for starters.
But Kassam did have an excuse when the murder of Jo Cox was raised: “The left can’t separate protest from murder. Same now as throughout history”. Idiot. What happened to Jo Cox was not a left-wing action, but did cross the line from protest to murder.
And he was up for a little projection: “Meanwhile in the UK, a member of Parliament (Tory @Anna_Soubry) wastes police time trying to intimidate pro-Brexit activists for daring to protest her and her anti-Brexit stance”. It was Soubry who did the intimidation, honest!
Then it was back to threats. “The rest of the country has experienced police cuts and London is one of the crime capitals of the Western world now. But MPs are demanding protection because members of the public are protesting them to their faces. Revolution beckons”. That’s the kind of revolution where Ray eggs on the idiots, benefits from the fallout, but avoids having any of the mud stick to him. Otherwise called cowardice.
There was more of the same after the BBC’s Norman Smith asked “Is this what its come to ...? @Anna_Soubry faces ‘nazi’ taunts”.  Ray warmed to his task. “This is PRECISELY what it NEEDS to come to. If anti-democratic, socialistic, globalists like Soubry want to impede Brexit and call Brexiteers names, she will be met with vocal protest”. So anti-democratic she stood for election. So socialistic she’s a Tory. And, oh look, “Globalists”.
Nothing like an anti-Semitic dog whistle to end on. What a clown. What a blowhard. What a coward. Career stalling, is it, Ray? Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.
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Raheem's Mum said...

Illiterate twat, isn't he?
Time was you could only protest 'your innocence' or some such, otherwise you had to protest 'against' something.
The 'against' was dropped (in US English) so you could 'protest the invasion of Iraq'.
But this plonker is 'protesting MPs'. WTF is that supposed to mean?

Anonymous said...


Nurse! The screens for patient Kassam! NOW!

Stephen said...

As a working class man I'm sick of being patronised by middle class cretins like "Ray" and Brendan O'Neill: according to them I think there are simple answers (like leaving the EU) to complex questions, I call people "Traitors" when they point out the simplistic nature of my views, I am proud of my white heritage, and think any other heritage is inferior: and I'm happy to be barricade fodder.

"Ray" and Brendan seem to have a fantasy life in which the working classes as are stupid and unthinking as they are. Fuck that.

2 4 6 8 Dover Queue Wait said...

Hey, call me Ray
There's a job for you's
Emptying portaloos
On the M26 motorway

A Lahndan Taxi Driver Rites. said...

‘Ere, wot’s rong wiv a bittah jostln an bantah?

As Alf Garnett yewster sie, “Yoo awtah see d’gaff dahn d’Owld Kent Road on Satdee nites.” Now dat’s propah bantah darriz, especially when d’Old Bill geh interrit.

Good owld Enoch woz brillyint at bantah an well supported by jostln Millwall and Chelsea fans ee woz. Gryte dyze dey woz. Peeple kud tyke a joke in dem dyze.

Deez pollertishins gerrit far too eezy. Ameen, look at d’wye dey shart at each ovver in Parlymint. An den dye gerrupset wen samwon sharts at dem. Syme wit d’meeja lefties. Jostle an bantah dem orl I sye.

I ad dat Chris Gryling in d’backer me cab once. Proper gent ee woz. Arsked me if I knew enny ferry operators an I gyve im a few nymes an addresses dahn the East End, nowarrameen? Not menny az good az Gryling I tell yer. Ee noze ow ter bantah too. Good on yer Chris!

Gawd bless Prince Phillip. I’d giv im a free ride enny day. Looks like ee needs it, bless im. Ee can borrah me shell sewt and traineez enny time.

Parse said...

good post keep it up

Anonymous said...

Interesting how he's outraged about the press knocking on the door of Goddard's parents (Goddard is similarly outraged). Given that late night door knocking is a stock tactic of Goddard's hero and Raheem's buddy Tommy Robinson, I wonder if they're also fuming when he does it?