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Tuesday 22 January 2019

Telegraph Labour Bullying Claim BUSTED

[Update at end of post]

The increasingly desperate and downmarket Telegraph has joined the argument over last week’s edition of BBC Question Time, with Camilla Tominey, nominally the paper’s “associate editor”, but in reality just another right-wing propagandist, bringing readersFiona Bruce 'bullied by hard-Left' as Labour supporters demand BBC release Diane Abbott footage”. Those quote marks are doing an awful lot of heavy lifting.
"Labour activists" - there's no citation for that claim, either

But do go on. “Labour has been accused of trying to ‘bully and intimidate’ Fiona Bruce after a Question Time audience member said it was ‘categorically untrue’ the BBC presenter had made unpleasant remarks about Diane Abbott before the show … It came after Labour supporters questioned Ms Bruce’s impartiality and attacked her husband Nigel Sharrocks on social media for running an advertising company which has received millions to advertise Government policy”. No citation. And no surprise.
But who is this audience member of whom Ms Tominey speaks? “Harry Lister, 22, who asked a question on the programme, said ‘It’s categorically untrue to say that Fiona Bruce said Diane Abbott owed her seat to a past relationship with Jeremy Corbyn. That’s not what she said at all’”. But no-one made that claim. That’s because Ms Abbott had been an MP for many years before Jezza became Labour leader.
So not such a good straw man, then. But we do learn that Lister is an “events manager from Nottingham”. Well, as his testimony is the only thing that the Tel has to stand up its article, they and he should have no complaint if Lister’s views are put on show for all other observers of this row to draw their own conclusions.

And, conveniently, Harry Lister has an open Twitter feed - well, it was at the time this post was compiled - where he sees Andrew Lilico moaning that Jo Cox’s murder cost the Leave side in the 2016 EU referendum 4-6% and concludes “Absolutely shameful”. Yes, an MP got murdered, and the Telegraph’s source is more interested in Leave losing votes.
There is more. Lister endorses Leave EU’s suggestion that there would be no chaos at Calais in the event of a No Deal Brexit, and added “Not Pro-Leave but interesting, sure this won't get the time of day though”. Then it gets worse. A lot worse.

After the Tel’s Christopher “No” Hope also moaned, this time about Corbyn not taking up Theresa May’s pointless offer of talks last week - because she wasn’t listening - Lister knew exactly what that meant. “Corbyn is a disgrace”. No bias there, then.
There was just time for him to Retweet Whinging Dan Hodges’ attack on Corbyn supporters - accusing them of harassing opponents - and also Isabel Oakeshott’s gofer Steven Edginton, who has already been exposed as a liar over his ConHome claims about Diane Abbott, before telling the world just what a disinterested witness he was.
Endorsing the Tel’s claim of “hard left bullying”, he added “Have a read about the 'Lefty-Lies' that are covering up Abbotts [sic] ineptitude. Featuring yours truly”.

I give you the Telegraph’s star witness. Duly exposed as another right-wing shill.
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[UPDATE 1520 hours: Harry Lister has now taken his Tweets private.

Bit late for that now, eh Harry? You shut the stable door, but your horse has not only bolted, it's kicked your face in. Should have thought about that before you ran to the press]


Anonymous said...

The Torygraph is of course the kind of shithouse rag you wouldn't even have on the nearest roll.

But if you think Tominey's bad - and she is, very - wait till you get a load of that rag's "Brexit editor" Dia Chakravarty on one of the "press previews". If there's a more eye-rolling, motor-mouthed, knobhead clown then I've yet to meet it. In other words, the perfect tory. A sort of female Bozo Johnson.

Mark said...

They make a Banana Republic's propaganda arm look efficient

Anonymous said...

Ranting righties get funnier and funnier with own goals.

Take the hilarious "attacks" on Corbyn because he wouldn't meet the Vicar of Wibbly unless she abandoned a "no deal" Brexit. Some of which were mumbled by the clusterfuck of New Labour quislings - quite apart from May hating tories - always looking to appear "reasonable" (read: red tories).

So what happens?......Bomber Benn and Yvette "I've known you for twenty years [Treezer]" Cooper duly arrive to "reasonably ask" (read: crawl up the arse of) the Vicar to abandon no deal. Vicar says No. Said quislings depart with their tails in their anal canals...next to their heads.

Oh how we larfed.

Alex Davis said...

Might I ask what Mr Lister has done for you to write a blog post on him, attacking parts of his character that neither you or I are aware of? Are you that insecure that you have to twist his words, alleging that he was mocking somebody’s death?

Anonymous said...

Lilico later told his “shameful” critics to “get a life”, adding “If Leave had won by an additional 4-6% (as it probably would have done but for that murder) current political debates would be very different… Cox murdered 16 June 2016. Campaigning suspended, costing Leave campaigning momentum & direct vote losses.” - The New European 21 December 2018.

Starbuck said...

@Alex Davis

are you that Alex Davis https://www.telegraph.co.uk/rugby-union/2018/11/30/power-love-helped-alex-davis-bounce-back-year/ ?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...