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Friday 25 January 2019

UKIP Leader Losing Touch With Reality

As his party sinks into irrelevance, despite them securing the result they wanted in the EU referendum, UKIP leader Adolf von Batten is also on the slide - away from reality into a world of conspiracy theories and wacko make-believe. He has also approvingly commented on his party indulging in a side order of casual anti-Semitism.
I em not a racialist but, und zis is a big but ...

Seemingly unaware of the damage he has already done to the UKIP brand by alienating many of the party’s MEPs - including Nigel “Thirsty” Farage - by aligning himself with the likes of Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, and bringing on board paedophilia apologist Milo Yiannopoulos and InfoWars hanger-on Paul Watson, Batten has joined his new recruits in the cesspit of conspiracy.
His first mis-step was to dabble in anti-Semitism, though, as the UKIP Twitter feed told the faithful “After speaking to the Dark Lords of Davos, former Chancellor George Osborne says the likely outcome is a delay of Brexit. Translation: we globalists will never allow the UK to leave the EU in any real sense.” Globalists - code for Jews. Oh dear!
Batten quoted this whole - no editing, and certainly no criticism of the wording - adding “True they will do all they can to stop it, but it will never be to late to leave. The people have to rebel at the ballot box. If they go on voting the same way they will just keep getting the same things”. Has he consulted an opinion poll lately?
Maybe he was too preoccupied genuflecting in the direction of new UKIP recruit Watson, who shills for the certifiably batshit InfoWars site ruled over by mouth-autopilot wacko Alex Jones. Seeing InfoWars telling their fans “Merkel & Macron Booed Before Signing ‘European Army” Treaty” (the quote marks doing rather a lot of heavy lifting once more), he added “I doubt this will be covered on the MSM”. There may be a good reason for that.
This is because InfoWars is wacko conspiracy land. The hated MSM may mislead, it may be highly selective with the facts, but it is grounded in reality. If Gerard Batten is endorsing InfoWars, he is signalling that he is not in touch with reality, something he then confirmed.

After it was reportedDNA Analysis Debunks the Rumor That Rudolf Hess Was Replaced by a Doppelgänger” - in itself, another wacko conspiracy theory - Batten mused “The truth about Hess would be far more interesting. He was lured over by an elaborate MI6 scam. Why? Was it to compromise the top Tories he was to meet who wanted to remove Churchill & do a ‘good deal’ with Nazis? We will never be allowed to know the truth”.
This is weapons grade bullshit. Although MI5 - note, not MI6 - intercepted Hess’ attempts to communicate with the Duke of Hamilton prior to his solo flight to Scotland in May 1941, the former deputy Führer made his departure from Germany of his own accord, and had his own motives for making the trip. There was no MI6 scam.

The leader of a supposedly mainstream political party believes there was, and also peddles the idea that this was to foil a plot by unnamed “top Tories” to remove Winshton from 10 Downing Street. Batten is out to lunch. And it looks like being a long one.

Gerard Batten is beyond deluded. And his party is finished. Just rejoice at that news.
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Anonymous said...

I hold "von" Batten and UKIP in the same contempt as you, Tim.

However, I think "Globalists - code for Jews" is stretching it a bit. Whatever Batten thinks he means by the term it is used widely to describe the unrestrained destructive greed of capitalism. Jews are as much a minority in it as they are in everything else.

None of which, of course, makes Batten any less of a dipshit.

Arnold said...

Don't mention the war. I said "Don't mention the war!"