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Thursday 3 January 2019

Sajid Javid Refugee Hatred Shame

Home Secretary Sajid Javid has learnt very quickly that the best way of maximising the amount of favourable publicity is to tack to the right and demonise all those scary brown people trying to get into the UK. This requires him to perform some serious logic gymnastics when questions of his own heritage are raised, but thus far our free and fearless press has given him a free pass, despite some serious criticism.
As the BBC has reported, “Sajid Javid has faced criticism after questioning whether people risking their lives crossing the English Channel are ‘genuine’ refugees … During a visit to Dover, the home secretary defended his call to declare a major incident last week and redeploy patrol vessels from the Mediterranean … He suggested those seeking asylum in the UK should have done so in France or elsewhere on the continent”.

That last sentiment could have come from Nigel “Thirsty” Farage. And there was more. “While the UK would process asylum applications in the normal way, Mr Javid said he wanted to send a ‘strong message’ that economic migrants would not be allowed to illegally settle in the UK”. He is the son of economic migrants, but hey ho.

Javid has not allowed that thought to enter: he has, after all, got a bit of greasy pole climbing to do. As the Beeb has also told, “Meanwhile, it is being reported that Home Secretary Sajid Javid has requested help from the Royal Navy … According to the Press Association, offshore patrol vessel HMS Mersey is ‘available and ready’ to be deployed”.

Call in the Navy! Call in the rest of the armed forces! Make hostile noises towards all these ghastly foreigners! Sound patriotic! Reap the praise from the Thatcherite right! It worked a treat with the right-leaning press: the Daily Mail had previously sneeredAll at sea! Home Secretary Sajid Javid performs humiliating U-turn to recall two ships to UK waters after previously claiming the move would only cause MORE migrants to cross the Channel”.
But now, all is transformed: “Sajid Javid gets tough on Channel migrants and suggests they are NOT 'genuine' asylum seekers because they refuse to stay in 'perfectly safe' France”. And the Murdoch Sun has shown a similar reappraisal of the Home Secretary’s abilities. Before the turn of the year, it was “BORDER FARCE Sajid Javid slammed for not deploying more high-speed boats to stop migrants crossing the Channel”.

Today, though, after the obligatory “SPARE us the leftie hand-wringing over the illegal migrants sailing across the Channel. Genuine asylum-seekers fleeing persecution would seek safe haven in the first EU country they reached. These were camped in France and just decided we looked a better bet - or a softer touch [‘soft touch’ false myth pushed as instructed - check!]”, Javid gets the thumbs-up.

Home Secretary Sajid Javid was commendably blunt. But let’s see action. Ship them straight back to France”. Yeah, SEND THE BUGGERS BACK, eh? They’re ILLEGAL! They’re NOT REAL REFUGEES! And our Home Secretary, himself the son of economic migrants, is knowingly fuelling this low-level yet persistent racism.

For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Sajid Javid seems prepared to to an awful lot of soul-losing in order to climb that greasy pole.
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Mark said...

A Useful Brown Face for the Tories who has no qualms to spout their right wing racist xenophobic crap - or the intelligence to realise how these comments relate negatively to his own ethnicity. Typical Tory really, they all consider themselves different from everyone else so Javid believes that he isn't Asian or the son of economic migrants in the same way these other people are, he's 'born to rule'

Anonymous said...

"For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?"

Britain lost its soul in 1979 and ever since has receded from it at the speed of light.

Who profits? Well, you could make a start by asking the Vicar of Wibbly's husband. He scams his millions while she performs hypocritical rituals at her local church and mouths ranting righty bullshit everywhere she goes, the platitudinous ugly wretch.

Meanwhile, the "Channel crisis" continued to lead yesterday's BBC TV "News", where it was described by some creep in a helicopter as a "surge".

Conscience, decency and truth have become here the dirty words they were in Nazi Germany. Hitler must be grinning in his grave.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice how bright and shiny those boats are, especially in the photograph of about 6 six 'retrieved ' dinghies tied up at Dover.
And the engines are brand spanking new...All the pics ever seen of other inflatables are held together with Gaffa tape.
Very 'Spooky' innit?