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Tuesday 15 January 2019

Boris Joins InfoWars

Push has finally come to shove, the big day has come, and now the jitters are starting to show. Our free and fearless press is, in a routine act of hypocrisy, lecturing politicians about trust, something that same press lost some years ago. Theresa May is perhaps facing up to the fact that her Brexit deal is likely to go down in history as a Government defeat worse than those suffered by Ramsay MacDonald’s Government in 1924.
Ramsay Mac’s first Government had only 191 MPs. The Tories right now have more than 300. That is how bad it’s looking. So Ms May would no doubt be reassured by someone, anyone from the ranks of senior Tory backbenchers making the reasoned and coherent case for her Brexit deal. Instead, she got a slice of rank paranoia.
In the run-up to today’s allegedly “Meaningful Vote”, London’s formerly very occasional Mayor Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson appeared on Nick Ferrari’s LBC breakfast show to discuss the whole Brexit business. What he said confirmed that he has swallowed the Steve Bannon Kool-Aid and is now en route to a berth at InfoWars.
Well, I noticed all this stuff about complicated jiggery-pokery for Parliament to frustrate the deal. I don’t think that can really be done. I think that we are really playing with fire. If we think that by coming up with all sorts of complicated amendments and delaying tactics, we’re going to fool the British public, we’re going to manage to frustrate Brexit, we will reap the whirlwind”. And there was more in the same vein.
I think people will feel betrayed and I think they will feel that there’s been a great conspiracy by the deep state of the UK, the people that really run the country” [my emphasis]. Bozza was, until recently, one of those people who run the country. His contribution was one of crashing ineptitude. His power of persuasion was such that he nodded along with Ms May’s deal. He was utterly spineless.

Since then, of course, he has discovered that there is lots of money to be made penning articles saying how rotten the deal is, and how Brexit can only be delivered if it conforms to the parameters conveniently defined by Himself Personally Now.
He chose to exclude himself from power. He knows who really runs the country. His claim that they are somehow conspiring against their own people is as monstrous as it is utterly implausible. The Tories couldn’t organise a conspiracy any more than they could organise an act of alcoholic derangement in an EU wine lake.

What Bozza is doing is to feed paranoia to his audience. The concept of a “deep state” is straight out of the playbook used by the likes of Alex Jones at InfoWars - conspiracy mongers, wackos, the kinds of people who’d have David Icke round for dinner. Unprincipled grifters, con artists, rabble rousers, hate merchants - small wonder UKIP leader Adolf von Batten enthusiastically endorsed Bozza’s paranoia.
At times like these, the last thing any responsible politician should be doing is to try and stoke paranoia among the public. By doing so, Bozza shows that he, as some of us have known for many years, is not a serious politician, but a chancer, a charlatan, a fraud.

Bozza is now drifting towards the far right. He should be left to get on with it. Alone.
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Ceiliog said...

The Deep State, run by Al Q'Hollah and Wa Q'Bacci.

RodJ said...

If only, Boris in a little boat drifting somewhere in the middle of the ocean. Could we add a tiger?

Anonymous said...

Bozo the clown is but a mere cog in the Brexit machine. Which clanking gears may, with some luck, crash into a Mayexit. Or, if we get REALLY lucky, a Borexit too.

Watching what passes for "debate" in the Palace of Varieties shows all too clearly why the place is not fit for democratic purpose. Especially the gammon faced shouty gimp doing the Maybot's job for her.

Christ, what a hapless gathering of tenth rate Westminster clerks that place has become. Forty years of gobshitery and counting.

Anonymous said...

Guy who only ever worked for a billionaire nondom media magnate.

Complains about shadowy forces.

I'm owed another irony meter.