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Tuesday 1 January 2019

Manchester Attack - Blame The Muslims!

There was a knife attack at the Manchester Victoria station Metrolink stop yesterday evening. Three people, including a Police officer, suffered stab wounds, which were described as “serious, but not life-threatening”. A man has been held on suspicion of attempted murder. The cop has now been released from hospital.
Manchester Victoria station Metrolink stop
As the BBC has reported, “Officers said counter terrorism police were leading the inquiry, but they were keeping an open mind on the motive … BBC 5 live producer Sam Clack, who had been at the station at the time, said he saw a man stabbed on a tram platform at the station, which is next to Manchester Arena, ‘feet from me’ … Mr Clack also said he heard the knifeman shouting ‘Allah’ during the attack, along with a slogan criticising Western governments”. The use of “Allah” has set The Usual Suspects off.
The Mail Online has brought its readersHero police officer was stabbed while tackling 'Allah Akbar-screaming knifeman' during Manchester station rampage: Praise for cop's 'incredible bravery' to end New Year attack that left two more hurt”, while the Murdoch Sun offeredManchester Victoria stabbing - Knifeman screams ‘Allahu Akbar’ after cop and two commuters stabbed in New Year’s Eve station attack”. Commuters? At 2050 hours?
That was enough to trigger social media paranoia. “Knifeman shouts 'Allah' as three stabbed in frenzied attack in Manchester with Sajid Javid allowing more and more into the country undocumented unchecked this government has got to take action … Another attack in Manchester by a Muslim screaming ‘Allah’, will they admit it's a terrorist attack this time or tell the same old lies?” And there was more. Rather a lot more.
I can't believe the main stream media are ignoring the attack now in Manchester because it was a Muslim. This stinks of Cologne a couple of years ago”. How did you find out about it then, Dumbo? But he has a point: two year old Cologne is well rank. Anyhow, do go on. “Manchester Victoria station stabbing leaves 3 injured … Fools call it what it is. Muslim terror attack”. TRRRISM! TRRRISTS! TRRRNY! FRRRNERS!
As all the so called refugees that are attempting to get here are from the religion of peace ie Muslim,  tonight another islamic attack in Manchester or is this going to go down as another person with mental health issues... time the UK government closed its borders … Sad to hear the terrible news that there has been a MUSLIM TERRORIST ATTACK in Manchester, England tonight...AGAIN! Will we ever Learn that muslim Immigration is RUINING our Western World. I hope in 2019 more people will wake up, this "Religion of Peace" is OUT OF CONTROL! #MAGA”. And you know it was an immigrant how?
There was more speculation: “At least 3 people, including a police officer, have been stabbed by a Muslim terrorist with a 'long knife' in a terror attack at Victoria Station in Manchester … Manchester - another Muslim knife attack … First Muslim terrorist attack of 2019 took place in Manchester Victoria Station [it happened in 2018, thick twat] … So here we go … I was enjoying a  lovely night with my gorgeous wife at my club … But at Victoria station scene of Manchester Bomb terrorist attack … A Muslim shouting Alleh akbar stabs 3 people … Is this our COUNTRY anymore”. And so on, and so forth.

We don’t even know who the attacker is. But just look at the outpouring of paranoia. New Year, same old bigotry, prejudice - and ignorance. Not a good start to 2019.
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Anonymous said...

Are Muslims responsible for all those stabbings in England's murder capital?

Anonymous said...

Are you going to edit this post seeing as though you are wrong? Always quick to get in on the "don't blame Muslims" angle for click bait and hits. Don't let the truth get in the way of your ignorance though.

Tim Fenton said...


"Seeing as though you are wrong".

Wrong about what, perchance? Do let everyone know.

Nigel Stapley said...

The police are now treating it as a "terrorism-related incident".

I can only presume that Grayling's been on the phone to them.

Anonymous said...

You painted everyone who claimed it was terrorism as a bigot and a racist when they were proven correct. Did it make you feel all tingly and virtuous?

You and Mike Doucheberry are a match made in heaven, ever though about hooking up? He also has the singular view other of "Everyone I don't like is a Nazi".

Anyway, your blog, do what you want. Keep on trucking and sing "Don't Look Back in Anger" like last time.

Tim Fenton said...


I made no such claim, and they were proved correct how, exactly?

Don't bother posting another comment - it will be binned. This blog is not the place to come if all you want to do is to peddle intolerance, bigotry and ignorance.

You're welcome. Happy new Gammon.

Arnold said...

It seems to be one Muslim, but the lady in the hijab shown as helping represents the religion far better than the knife man.
Considering the number of Muslims in the UK and the easy access to knives, there are very very few such attacks.

Tim Fenton said...

Two comments to this post have not been passed.

Abuse, lying, and intolerance have no place here.

Anonymous said...

Expect when practiced by yourself and other leftists! Plenty of all 3 in your article!

Let us just preach to the converted and call any other view any of the above.

Islam is a problem we will have to meet head on one day. If you can't or won't see that then you are blind. Integration of muslims isn't happening and will never happen because they don't want it. The woman in a hijab shows this, the knife-man shows this. Most people in Britain are not happy about this situation and neither should they be. To simply call them names and not address their justified concerns is wilful deceit in the cause of ignorant political posturing. How can Islam be a leftist cause? It is sheer hypocrisy, or is the fear of being called Islamophobic too strong and closes both mouths and minds?

A Kelly said...

Muslims won't integrate? That (Muslim) Mayor's Christmas party I went to in Luton a couple of weeks ago, that had Muslims pulling crackers, wearing party hats, taking part in the raffle and singing must have been some sort of dream then.

(Luton's Mayors aren't always Muslim BTW)

Whurr said...

Anon 00:58
What do westerners scream when they carry out bombing raids and missile attacks on civilians in the Middle East and North Africa?

Anonymous said...

I'm happy to say some of my greatest and most generous, gentle friends are Muslims.

And that's despite the fact that I'm an atheist who regards all religion - including Christianity - as superstitious nonsense.

(Whurr 11:19 - If they were Yanks they probably shouted, "Have a nice day" as they massacred tens of thousands of innocent civilians.)