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Wednesday 23 January 2019

Tommy Robinson WAS REFUSED Oz Visa

While Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, continues to protest that every media outlet except those approved by Himself Personally Now is peddling Fake News and telling lies about him - something he would never dream of doing, honestly - news arrives on Zelo Street concerning his upcoming tour of Australia, allegedly in the company of Gavin McInnes and Milo Yiannopoulos.
When the tour was first scheduled, it was claimed by Lennon’s on-off PA Hel Gower that the delay and rescheduling was down to a diary foul-up, and that The Great Man had received an Australian visa. Broadcaster ABC then said he hadn’t, and that McInnes, founder of the Proud Boys movement, had been refused one. And if McInnes had been denied entry, it was inconceivable that Lennon had passed the “character test”.

So a Zelo Street regular decided to check with the organisers of The Deplorables tour, by getting in touch and posing as a fan. Remember, the dates start with Perth on February 1st - so Lennon should be flying out any day now. Providing he has a visa.

Here’s what that source asked the organisers. “I would like to book several tickets for the upcoming tour in Perth on the 1st of February, with Tommy Robinson, Gavin McInnes and Milo. I cannot afford to lose my money, and because Gavin and Tommy have already cancelled previously, can you just clarify the following: have Tommy, Gavin and Milo's visas been granted to enter Australia?” Fair point. So what was the response?
The response was to admit that Lennon had been REFUSED a visa to enter Australia, although that was not admitted explicitly. “Thank you for your email, we understand your concern with Gavin & Tommy's visas. The visas are being appealed [my emphasis]. If for any reason either Gavin or Tommy can not attend the event full refunds will be issued”.

So there you have it. Both McInnes and Lennon have been refused visas to enter Australia. The tour organisers have confirmed that both are appealing the ruling to bar them from the country. The chances of both being successful are vanishingly small. McInnes has already failed the “character test”, and Lennon has a string of criminal convictions to his name, which McInnes doesn’t. It looks like Game Over.
What, then, is Lennon telling his followers? Has he alerted them to the minor detail - that he’s been refused a visa for Australia, is apparently appealing against the decision, but is unlikely to be there in Perth on the 1st of next month? As if. The last entry on his Facebook page concerning the tour just says “Hey guys, just 3 weeks before my Australian tour kicks off! Get your tickets at [link]”. Perhaps he could post an update.

Because it looks like the Tommy and Gavin and Milo tour either isn’t going to happen, or if it does, will be happening with just one of those three names in attendance.

Lennon is so quick to call “liar” on others. He wouldn’t do it himself. Would he?
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Perhaps Screechy can step in? She needs a new gig now that she's quit Britain First....


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Anonymous said...

Take money and run, as usual, our Tel! Deff fretts or no deff fretts innit....