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Monday 28 January 2019

Nadine Dorries Airbus Paranoia

Sadly, her absence from Twitter was only temporary: Mid Bedfordshire’s Tory MP (yes, it’s her again) Nadine Dorries has reactivated her account and returned to the fray to bring the world more of those pearls of wisdom which don’t contain any. Among her targets since returning from her brief exile is Airbus, which just happens to employ several thousand people - 14,000, in fact - in North Wales, Bristol and elsewhere in the UK.
What has irked the fragrant Nadine is Airbus boss Tom Enders, who has toldPlease don't listen to the Brexiteers' madness which asserts that, because we have huge plants here, we will not move and we will always be here. They are wrong”. So with the potential of 14,000 well paid and mostly highly skilled jobs vanishing in the post-Brexit mayhem, Ms Dorries has resorted to type - and heaped abuse on the company.
At least she is consistent in her hostility to the company: when the WTO suggested that the EU had illegally subsidised Airbus, she sneered “Airbus sits very snugly in the EU back pocket”. Never mind those 14,000 jobs, and indeed the 100,000 or so in the supply chain and support industries. Perhaps they should eat cake. 
The lack of self-awareness continued as she backed former Tory MP Rob Wilson - whose electorate wisely kicked him out in 2017 - moaning “I wonder why Airbus feels so exposed if the UK leaves on a no deal? Anything to do with massive, unfair, subsidies from the EU?”. Ms Dorries added “Unfair EU subsidies of £10 billion a year you say? As with many ‘bock [?] No Deal’ advocates, follow the [money]”.
And when clueless Tory MP Mark Francois blustered “I would never dream of telling a German MP how to vote in the Bundestag, I think Mr Enders should pay us the same courtesy”, she added “Love it!” Francois thinks Enders is bullying the British. Wrong. He is warning of a commercial decision which will inevitably flow from the ending of frictionless trade between the UK and EU countries. As the saying goes, you couldn’t make it up.
Then, when propagandists Change Britain, quoting the Guido Fawkes blog, a borderline Fake News site, claimed “Anti-Brexit Airbus: Part-owned by French, Spanish and German governments  … Paid €64 million [?] by the EU in the past 5 years … Told by the government to attack WTO terms Brexit Just another voice of Brussels”, she agreed. “Airbus. The most political of all companies, benefits from EU dosh”.
When the Fawkes blog claimed that Airbus had admitted that the Government “put them up to” issuing the jobs warning, she was in once more: “The government asked Airbus to up the anti on project fear. I want to know, who made that decision?” She just doesn’t get this. All that investment, all those jobs, and so many more dependent on the company staying in the UK, and Nadine Dorries is effectively saying “Yah boo Airbus, sod off”.
When we need to have a grown-up debate about Brexit and its consequences, all that comes from the Tory right is abuse. Analysis is replaced by name-calling; reason by swaggering, sneering delusion. And there in the midst of it is Nadine Dorries.

Remember, folks, they allowed her to become an MP. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
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Darren G said...

When you actually look into it, the US has being subsidising Boeing for years as well, albeit not directly, they receive indirect subsidies in terms of inflated defence procurement contracts and NASA research expenditures

I hate linking to the Telegraph, but this subsidies of Boeing and WTO has being going on for years


Also here


and here


Anonymous said...

Dorries is the exact opposite of "fragrant".

If Broughton does shut down god help the already sorely-tried economies of North Wales and North West England.

And if anybody in the South East is mug enough to think it won't happen to them...think again. The spivs will come for them too sooner later.

iMatt said...

The Tories cannot now be called the party of business any more. Dorries' ignorance backed by de Waffle Johnson's ''fuck business'' retort some months back not only shows gross contempt for business but equal contempt for the employees within.

God alone knows why such Brexit ignoramuses are somehow seen as 'anti-establishment' and on the side of the working class when it is they who are putting huge numbers of jobs at risk.