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Thursday 3 January 2019

Guido Fawkes Grovelling Apology EXPOSED

The old adage that something which looks too good to be true probably is too good to be true has been proved right once more, and this time, to the intense embarrassment to his masters in the right-leaning press, it is the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog who have ended up covered in rather more than confusion.
The Great Guido is still regarded by the more easily impressed among the Pundit Establishment as a reliable source, but those who look in regularly on Zelo Street will be aware that the Fawkes blog is a borderline Fake News site. And the screeching U-Turn, accompanied by an apology of unlimited grovelling, executed after overcooking an attack on Corbyn spinmeister Seumas Milne has proved the point in spades.
Under the headingLen And Seumas In Fyne Company At New Year Bash With Karie Murphy” [not the original title], the Fawkes massive told their readers “The left’s head honchos have never been adverse to a good party and this New Year was no exception with Unite boss Len McCluskey and Seumas Milne celebrating in style at the luxury Loch Fyne Hotel & Spa in Inveraray for a cool £429 a head”. And there was more.
It wasn’t just a trip for the boys, Corbyn’s chief of staff Karie Murphy was also there to enjoy the Hogmanay celebrations on the shores of Loch Fyne. Close friends Len and Karie were spied holding hands on the way out of the bar and Guido’s kilt-wearing co-conspirator reports that the pair shared a room together. No doubt having late night policy discussions”. And then the Guido Express came off the rails big time.

All that can be seen right now is “UPDATE: The ‘blonde’ sat opposite Seumas is apparently Samantha Hemsley, partner at Thompson’s and Unite assistant general-secretary Howard Beckett’s long term relationship … UPDATE II: Samantha Hemsley has contacted us to make clear she did not attend the event as Seumas Milne’s guest … ‘I can confirm I am not in a long term “relationship” with Howard Beckett. He is a close friend.’ … A previous version of this story misidentified her picture. Apologies for the confusion”.
But what was being “updated”? That has disappeared from the post. But not to worry, we have the details. The assembled idiocy chez Fawkes had linked Ms Hemsley with the so-called “mystery blonde” who had been snapped with Milne in Summer 2017 on the terrace of an East London hotel. She was later identified as lawyer Jennifer Robinson, and the Fawkes blog’s post was used as a jumping-off point for lots of knocking copy.

Sadly, Ms Hemsley is not Ms Robinson. That slice of nudge-nudgery was in the Fawkes rabble’s first effort. But then, as can be seen, by telling readers that they had fouled up, and misidentified Ms Hemsley, they then dropped themselves in the mire again - by claiming that she was in a relationship which she, er, wasn’t actually in.
On top of that, the Tweet advertising the original post is still there, telling readers of “Red Len and Seumas in Fyne company at New Year bash with Karie Murphy and glamorous blonde” [the original post title]. And, to no surprise at all, no Tweet advertising the grovelling apology. And they still got caught out. What a bunch of clueless amateurs.

The Fawkes blog is so much a borderline Fake News operation, they can’t even back out a smear without dropping themselves back in the poo. Another fine mess, once again.
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Anonymous said...

There's nothing "borderline" about Fawkes far right propaganda.

When it lies, walks and quacks like a lying cunt......it's safe to say it's a lying cunt. Bought-and-paid-for.